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Vision & Mission

Curiosity ♦ Collaboration ♦ Communication


Mission of Portland State University’s Speech and Hearing Sciences Department

We promote the health of communities and solve real-life problems through education, research, collaboration, clinical practice and advocacy:


  • We educate our students on communication processes, sciences and disorders.  As curiosity and critical thinking guide our teaching and learning environments, our students develop abilities to recognize communication breakdowns and the impact these communication challenges have on individuals and communities.  


  • We contribute to knowledge about communication sciences through research, scientific mentoring, and the promotion of critical thinking.

Community Engagement 

  • We develop our research and clinical practice in partnership with our community. The priorities and perspectives of the community give purpose to our work.

Clinical Service

  • We maximize the communication potential of individuals dealing with communication challenges and partner with their families and care partners.


  • We shape policy and standards through professional service and community empowerment.