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Information and Contacts

The Speech-Language Clinic offers a full range of diagnostic and intervention services for children and adults with speech and language disorders. These clinical services are provided by graduate students in speech-language pathology under the close supervision of a faculty member. The clinic is family-focused, fostering input and participation with family members.

The majority of clients attend the clinic for two 50-minute individualized sessions per week. Clients are referred from a variety of sources, including physicians and other health professionals, other speech-language pathologists, school districts and self-referral.

The Speech-Language Clinic is located in the basement of Neuberger Hall on the Portland State University campus and includes clinic rooms where family members and other students are able to observe clinical sessions.

Fee Schedule:

Evaluations without Intervention:  $135

Speech-Language Intervention:

Two sessions/week $450/term (8-10 weeks)

Aphasia Group Therapy $70/term

Payment Policy:

Payment is due at the beginning of the term. Please call the Clinic Coordinator if you need to make two or three installments during the term.

Application:  To fill out an application, click here.