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Participant Opportunities

Dr. Key-DeLyria is currently recruting adults for her study on brain injury.

How do you read sentences?? What about after a brain injury? The Key-DeLyria Language Lab at PSU needs adults aged 18 and older for a study of the effects of mood and cognition on sentence comprehension. You can receive $20 for participating! We are looking for adults without a history of neurological illness or injury (such as stroke or MS) to be control participants. We are also looking for adults with a history of concussion or closed head injury to participate.



 "Dr. Sarah Key-DeLyria's Neurolinguistics Lab just set up their EEG system this September. The system will be used to identify language processing problems in brain injury survivors. If you're interested in participating, volunteering or helping with recruitment, contact the lab at 503-725-3595 or email Dr. Key-DeLyria at"

Thank you for your time!