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Participant Opportunities

Dr. Amy Donaldson’s Autism & Child Language Disorders Research Lab is currently recruiting families for participation in the SocialsibS project.

This project investigates use of “peer” mediated intervention (where the sibling of the child with ASD serves as the peer) and use of evidence-based intervention practices specifically with the target child with ASD (e.g., video modeling). The study examines the effects of sibling-mediation and video modeling on the social communication behaviors of young children with ASD and their families. Graduate student speech-language pathology clinicians are specifically trained in providing this “hybrid” intervention (sibling-mediation + video modeling). We are examining the effects on social interactions between the siblings. PI: Donaldson. Funded by Autism Speaks, Treatment Grant: Pilot Level

Families will receive 10 weeks of intervention individualized to their child's specific social communication goals. There is no charge for the intervention and parking will be provided. Please help us recruit children with ASD ages 4-7 and siblings with typical development ages 5-10. Please contact Dr. Amy Donaldson at or 503-725-3224 or 503-725-2301 if your family is interested in participating.

See here and here for the brochure.