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Speech & Hearing Sciences in the News




Below is a list of honors, awards, and newsworthy events of accomplishments by our students & faculty. These highlights are listed in chronological order, with the most recent stories at the top. 

*Congratulations to Jennifer Bieda, 2015 Laurels Graduate Award Recipient. "The PSU Laurels Graduate Award was instituted to provide recognition and financial support to the best and brightest students and to enhance enrollment diversity. The program provides an award to competitively selected, academically meritorious graduate degree students in all fields. This program includes financial need as a consideration for the selection of some of these awards." Jennifer is finishing up her first year in our graduate program and part of our bilingual concentration program. She has a passion for working with adult disordered populations as well as multicultural populations. She will be going to Ecuador this summer with classmates and faculty to serve children and adults with speech and language disorders. Congratulations Jennifer, well deserved! 

*Dr. Fergadiotis' article "Psychometric Evaluation of Lexical Diversity Indices: Assessing Length Effects” was accepted for publication in the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research this month (March 2015). It should be published later this year. 

*Dr. Fergadiotis was selected to participate in ASHA’s 2015 Lessons For Success training program.

* Wendy Miller has received both the Ford Opportunity Scholarship and the PSU Nancy Ryles scholarship for 2014-2015. The Ford award was based on initiative, ability to learn, work ethic, leadership potential and interest in helping others. The Nancy Ryles scholarship is for returning women and was awarded to Wendy for the last two years. Wendy will receive her BS degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences in June, and is applying to the PSU graduate program to become a licensed SLP. Currently, Wendy is a mentor through PSU's Women's Resource center, and a student member of NSSLHA, OSHA and ASHA. She is also a member of Decoding Dyslexia Oregon, an organization working to improve resources for students with dyslexia in Oregon Public Schools.

* Caitlin Counts has received the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) scholarship for 2014-2015.  It specifically provides scholarships and academic opportunities for women. Caitlin transferred to Portland State l ast year after receiving her associates at Chemeketa Community College. Since this is her senior year at Portland State, she will be applying to several grad schools this fall. She will receive her bachelors by June and plan on getting her masters in speech pathology.  She is also a part of the volleyball club at PSU, as well as the Catholic Student Association and PSU Pro-Life club on campus.

   * Thursday May 8, 2014 marked the 6th Annual Better Speech & Hearing Month Celebration and Auction put on by       NSSHLA and for the first year co-sponsored by the SPHR Department.  This joint effort resulted in twice as many       guests with over 200 students, faculty, supervisors, advisory board members and community supporters in    
attendance for a night of celebration and fundraising.  Click here for photos.


   * The 2nd Annual Student Research Symposium was held May 7th. Lizzy Lydon, Shannan O'Donnell, Lisa
      DiGianniano, Katarina Yngente and Leila Luna all presented posters.  Michelle Machulat gave an oral
      presentation.  Congratulations to all of our students!  Click here for photos.

  • Congratulations to faculty member Dr. Maria Kapantzoglou.  Dr. Kapantzoglou was invited to serve on a panel for the the Hellenic (Greek) Quality Assurance and Accreditation Organization (HQAA), which functions under the European Quality Assurance Organization. The purpose of HQAA's purpose is to formulate and implement a unified system of quality assurance, as a reference system to the achievements and work done by the Institutions of Higher Education.  She will participate in the external evaluation of the largest Speech-Pathology program in Greece (T.E.I. of Patras), in February. 
  • Congratulations to faculty member Dr. Gerasimos Fergadiotis.  Dr. Fergadiotis will be attending the 2014 Cognitive Aging Conference in Altanta, Georgia to present recent findings on how discourse processing is affected by typical aging. The project was funded by an R01 awarded to Dr. Fergadiotis' collaborator, Dr. Heather Harris Wright at East Carolina University.  Read more about what is happening in his lab.


  • Congratulations to new faculty member Cassie Quinn for receiving a New Faculty Grant from the Office of Academic Innovation for the Faculty Fellows for Partnership Program.  In addition she received a Travel Award.  Both of these awards will be utilized to send Cassie to Toronto for a week long training in Supportive Communication at the Aphasia Institute in Spring 2014.  Certification in this training will allow for new program development within the SPHR clinic with possible training and support groups to communication partners of stroke survivors. This will support PSU, the department, students and the community.  With no other certified Supportive Communication Trainers on the west coast, and very few in the nation, this will make our students trained in a cutting edge therapy that is very relevant to medical speech pathology.    For those graduate students interested in pursing certification in training, future opportunities to visit the Institute may be available.   
    • Congratulations to SPHR graduate student Cydne Tullis for receiving the OSHA Award for Oustanding Student.  Cydne Tullis is in the second and final year of her master's program in speech-language pathology at Portland State University. She was chosen to receive this award by the faculty at PSU out of a pool of exceptionally strong graduate students.   We wanted to select a student that was an overall positive influence in our program. Cydne has been thatpositive influence over the past year she has been here- academically, clinically, in research, and in general. She's the kind of student that instructors love to have in class. She comes prepared, asks (and answers!) good questions, and she does what is asked of her without complaint. In fact, if something needs done, Cydne will often do it before anyone else realizes that it needs doing, from cleaning out the student kitchen area to reading over 300 sentence stimuli to look for formatting errors on a spreadsheet. Several of the faculty at PSU have stories about what Cydne has done to help out, particularly when help was hard to come by.  Cydne hopes to work clinically with adult brain injury survivors after she graduates. She joined Sarah Key-DeLyria's Neurolinguistics lab during her first year at PSU, and she has been a tremendous help in getting the lab set up and working during also in its first year, including spending 3 full days setting up a new EEG system during her vacation! We are happy to have her as a student and know she will be a great positive influence in our profession.
    •  We would like to fondly remember Professor Joan McMahon who passed away on July 26,2013. Professor McMahon especially dedicated her energies to serving students, and thereby helped prepare a large number of well-qualified practitioners in speech and hearing careers.   She will never be forgotten.  Please read more about her lifetime of achievements here.
    • We would like to recognize Dr. Bill Griesar for his committment to the field of neurology and his efforts with a community based program he has developed, NW Noggin.  His project is reaching middle school students in a multidisciplinary approach, allowing them to understand neuroscience in a creative and exciting new way.  To read more about his program click here.  and view his project websites for NW Noggin.
    • Congratulations to Dr. Elsa Nelson, voted 2013 Outstanding Teacher of the Year for the Speech and Hearing Sciences Department. Dr. Nelson was chosen for this award by her students, who commented on her teaching style, her enthusiasm, and for her caring.  Dr. Nelson received this award in her first year as a professor at PSU!
    • Kate Cox received the 2013 Graduate Student Researcher of the Year award!  Kate spent 2 years conducting grounbreaking research on young adults who have traumatic brain injury and are homeless. Her work culminatted in her master's special project in which she integrated her findings from focus grops into recommendations for professionalsHer work has been cited in a review article and will be presented at the 2013 Oregon Speech & Hearing Association conference. Congratulations, Kate!

    In spring 2013, the SPHR Faculty selected two Graduate Students of the Year!  

    • Kelsey Fowler was selected as Student of the Year in 2013!  Kelsey stands out for her academic performance, her clinical skills, her team leadership, positive attitude, and flexibility, and calm, cool-headed attitude in stressful situations. Congratulations, Kelsey!
    • Tasha Pacheco also received the Student of the Year for 2013!  She was noted for her helpfulness, her positive nature inside and outside the classroom, her excellent clinical skills, her past service as NSSHLA President, and her generosity with faculty and students alike.  Congratulations, Tasha! 
    • Congratulations to graduate student Kate Cox (class of 2013), who received the PSU President's Award for Outstanding Community Engagement for her commitment to serving homeless adults who have sustained traumatic brain injury. Kate's work has been published in the Street Roots paper as well as recognized internationally at a conference in Toronto, Canada in April 2012. (June 2012)

    This list was started in the 2008-2009 academic year.  To read more about previous years click here.