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SPHR Elective Courses

In addition to the required classes for the Speech & Hearing Sciences major, all students may wish to take additional elective courses to gain specialized knowledge or experience in a given area. Beginning Fall 2015, undergraduate students who are majoring in Speech & Hearing Sciences must take one 4-credit elective course. The following elective courses are offered during 2016-2017 (tentative for Winter and Spring terms):

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Term Offered (2015-2016)
SPHR 410 Working with Individuals with Cleft Palate/Craniofacial Disorders 4 Summer 2016
SPHR 471 (410 prior to Fall 2016) Neurolinguistics 4 Fall 2016
SPHR 410 Principles of Behavior 4 Fall 2016
SPHR 480 Sociocultural Communication 4 Winter 2017
SPHR 410 Life as a Bilingual 4 Spring 2017
SPHR 385 (410 prior to Spring 2016) Autism 4 Spring 2017

SPHR 465 Introduction to Research Methods for Clinical Scientists is a required course for students who use the major requirements effective Fall 2015.  It can be used as an elective for students who started in SPHR before Fall 2015 and use the major requirements that were in effect before Fall 2015. 


The following electives have been offered recently but are not offered 2016-17:  

SPHR 410   Genetics in Communication Sciences & Disorders

SPHR 410   Auditory Language in Children

SPHR 475   Introduction to Professional Issues in Speech and Hearing Sciences


The following courses may be taken in addition to major requirements by all students for additional opportunities.

Course No. Course Title Credit Hours Term Typically Offered
SPHR 395 Directed Clinical Assistantship* 2 Winter/Spring/Summer
SPHR 409 Practicum: Accent Instruction Clinic* 4 Fall/Winter/Spring

Survey of Speech, Language & Hearing Disorders

4 Varies

*Clinical experiences courses require instructor approval and applications to register.