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Portland State University Speech and Language Clinic

The PSU Speech and Language Clinic serves children and adults for the greater Portland area. We strive to maximize the communication potential of individuals dealing with communication challenges and partner with their families and care partners.

We have pediatric speciality clinics in the areas of: assessment,  speech sound disorders, fluency (stuttering), literacy and reading disorders, school-age language, preschool language, and bilingual assessment and treatment

We have adult speciality clinics in the areas of aphasia, cognitive rehabilitation (traumatic brain injury), voice, and accent instruction.

We receive referrals from families, parents, private schools, school-based speech/language clinicians, audiologists, physicians as well as self-referrals.

Click on Adult Clinics or Pediatric Clinics in the menu to see a list of our available services.

To fill out an application to receive clinical services, click here.