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Aphasia Camp Northwest

Aphasia Camp Northwest is a place for stroke survivors to reacquaint themselves with activites they enjoyed before their stroke and where loved ones are encouraged to come and join professional counselors in discussing supportive techniques for their family members and themselves.

Aphasia Camp Northwest (formerly Stoke Camp Northwest) is a joint program of The Aphasia Network, Portland State University and Pacific University that provides supported communication strategies for persons living with aphasia and thier loved ones along with outdoor recreational opportunities.  Since it began in 1998, Aphasia Camp Northwest has helped hundreds of stroke survivors learn new ways to connect with one another and their families while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors on Oregon's Mt. Hood.

With the support of licensed speech-language pathologists, occupational, and physical therapists, communication specialists, psychologists, and graduate and undergraduate students, campers enjoy a weekend of hiking, fishing, crafting, and more while receiving strategies and ideas for enhancing quality of life.  Aphasia Camp Northwest is committed to research and providing graduate students with opportunities to deepen their knowledge of working with persons with aphasia. In 2012, The Aphasia Network, a nonprofit organization was formed to promote awareness of and provide support to the Aphasia community, including providing administrative and organization support for Aphasia Camp Northwest.

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