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TVI Program of Study

The program begins with one eight-week summer session, while the remainder of the program is delivered through web-based applications and culminates with a student teaching experience in or near the student's local community.

This 63-credit program for teachers of students with visual impairments (TVIs) provides a master's degree and an initial licensure. The program is also available as an endorsement.

Portland State University prepares Teachers of Visually Impaired Learners to become effective teachers in resource rooms, to effectively manage an itinerant caseload or to teach in special school settings.

  • Graduate level program for initial Teacher Licensure or Endorsement and Master's Degree
  • Summer session on PSU campus
  • All other classes are web-based
  • Comprehensive technology training
  • Practica and student teaching arranged in your home area
  • Full and partial scholarships available

See also the VIL program prerequisites and course descriptions.


Student program

Term Year 1 Year 2
Summer SPED 545 Orientation and Mobility
SPED 546 Braille I 
SPED 575 Braille III - Technology
SPED 596 Research
SPED 521 Behavior Management (if required)
Fall SPED 509 Practicum
SPED 510 Legal and Ethical Foundations
SPED 540 Foundations of Education for the Visually Impaired Learner
SPED 509 Practicum
SPED 544 Methods of Instruction
SPED 576 Visually Impaired Learners with Additional Disabilities
Winter SPED 541 Implications of Vision Problems
SPED 547 Braille II – Nemeth Code
SPED 520 Collaboration
SPED 597 Issues and Policy in Visual Impairment
Spring SPED 542  Assessment of the Visually Impaired Learner
SPED 543 Reading and Literacy K-12: VIL
SPED 525 Student Teaching (if required)
SPED 507 Master’s comprehensive exam


Licensure information

Visit the Graduate School of Education Licensure site.