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Kiwanis - Camper Testimonials

These campers went to Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp.
Here is what they had to say about their experience....


paul"I had a great experience at Kiwanis Camp. I like meeting new people. This year I went rock climbing and even went up on the flying squirrel! What a great view! I loved canoeing. I even won the Super Canoeing Award this year. My counselor was Joanna. We are going to go bowling together soon. I'm glad we remained friends. She is super!"


maya"Camp Kiwanis was cool! I went to camp with my friend, Katie. It was super fun! My favorite thing was the dance. The arts and crafts were cool. My counselor was Jackie. I liked her a lot. She was funny and helped me when I went fishing. Oh yeah - I can't wait to go back next year!"


neil"I really liked Kiwanis Camp. I slept out on the deck and had fun going horseback riding. My favorite things were the adventure course and swimming. My counselor, Crystal, was nice to me. I liked it when she walked with me on the mine hike. She was kind and helpful."



tylor"Kiwanis Camp was pretty good. I liked two things the best - river rafting and eating. Steve, my counselor, was a good man. He helped me with my journal. He was fun to be around. He made me laugh! My mom says that he helped me become more independent."


rachel"My camp experience was a good one. I had fun. I especially liked the skits and performing on stage. Horseback riding, fishing and the adventure canoe were fun. The counselor I had was nice. After camp, she sent me a postcard from France and we are still friends today!"