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Ginny Garcia

Mailing Address: 

Department of Sociology
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751

Shipping Address:

Department of Sociology
1721 SW Broadway, #217
Portland, OR 97201

Office Location: Cramer Hall, 217S

Phone: (503) 725-9572
Fax: (503) 725-3957





Curriculum Vita

Interests: social demography, health disparities (with particular emphasis on obesity and bariatric surgery), the role of religion on health outcomes, poverty, immigration, and quantitative methods.

Projects: Ongoing projects include studies of obese patients who have sought out and/or completed a bariatric procedure and examines behavioral and attitudinal factors associated with severe obesity in both teens and adults. Similar research focuses on the relationship between body weight and mental health. A second line of research is based on the influence of religion and considers its role in disparate health outcomes such as infant mortality rates, the use of tobacco, and binge drinking. Other research projects consider the effects of international migration on low birth weight as well as breast cancer risk.

Courses taught:

Health and Health Care
Social Demography/Population
Quantitative Methods
Intro to Soc