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Who We Help

Who we can we help:

All Portland State University students who are paying student fees and currently enrolled for 4 or more undergraduate credits or 3 or more graduate credits at PSU are eligible. 


**To get help over the summer term students need to be either: 1. Registered for summer term classes for the credit hours listed above or 2. Have taken spring term classes and already registered for fall term classes for the credits hours listed above. **

Who we can't we help:

SLS cannot provide legal assistance or advice in the following cases:

  • Student vs. Student (please visit the Dean of Student Life office for assistance)

  • Student vs. PSU Administration (please visit the Dean of Student Life office for assistance)

  • Student vs. PSU faculty or staff (please visit the Dean of Student Life office for assistance)

  • PSU staff members (even if taking classes under their benefits packages because they do not pay student fees)

  • PCC co-enrolled students not paying PSU student fees

  • Students not registered for the current term. 

  • Students with an issue in another state. (We only practice law in Oregon)

Do not hesitate to contact our office to determine your eligibility for services or see if we can provide an appropriate referral. In order to serve our clients effectively and efficiently, we only provide legal advice in person. We cannot give advice over the telephone or in matters where we have not accepted representation.

  Factors considered when determining whether a case or matter is appropriate for SLS


How to get help with your legal issue:

  1. Check our Who We Help page to see if you are eligible

  2. Go to our Walk-in or Appointment page to see how to get help. 

  3. Call to schedule an appointment or come to walk-in hours

  4. Bring any and all necessary documents with you