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Student Testimonials

Read what Student at PSU are saying about SLS:

"Having a bankruptcy looming over me, with tens of thousands of dollars worth of unresolved debt, made for an enormous amount of stress in my personal life. SLS helped me to quickly, professionally, and kindly settle my financial problems. They are a tremendous resource to PSU students. I cannot emphasize enough how important they were in helping me to continue my studies"

"I was provided with courteous and professional help, in a timely manner. I was able to save alot of money by not having to pay someone to fill my forms for me. I was able to understand the process and was not worried with Lissa helping me."

"I would not have even known what to do without SLS. It helped me stay focused on school by handling issues that would have taken a lot of investigating and planning if I were to do it on my own."

"If I had been unsuccessful in resolving my legal issue, I would not have been able to afford to finish my degree without borrowing money. Getting the issue resolved allowed me to refocus on school work instead of being distracted and stressed about the issue."

"Jonathan was so thorough and efficient in advising us on how to navigate a rather complex and difficult situation. We entered into the thick of it during finals, and honestly would not have been able to maintain the grade performance that I had if it wasn't for the peace of mind and relentless effort of the SLS staff in making sure our case remained under control. "

"Resolving my legal problem lifted a financial and stress from my life. Ms. Clark and her staff was super helpful during the entire process."

"They helped me file bankruptcy, that stopped all the phone calls from collectors, helped me focus on school rather that where to hide. I am now ready to graduate and step forward to start new. "

"Working with Lynn on my case relieved a significant amount of stress that I had. I feel like I was represented as fully as I possibly could be by the most qualified person available and she did an excellent job in helping me prepare and guiding me through the proceedings.

"I felt like my case wasn't judged or sneered on. I was made to feel welcomed and my case was handled seriously. I was not made to feel judged or inadequate because if my case and past. I was given informative info and was made to feel like my case mattered. I hope other students can have as positive experience with SLS as I did today. I now have a clear understanding about my case and feel great thanks SLS!!!!!"

"Richard was very knowledgeable of the information that he was providing me while giving me tips and advice on what to do. He was very generous and nice and knew what he was talking about. SLS is a great opportunity for PSU students who have legal problems if its even just questions. I highly recommend SLS to anybody at PSU who has a legal problem."