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Notary Hours

Notary Services:

We offer free Notary Services to all PSU students (must show valid PSU ID card).

Beginning September 15, 2014, PSU staff and faculty members showing valid and current PSU ID will be charged a $5 fee for notary services qualifying for walk-in services. For appointment notary services (as described Below), faculty and staff will be charged $10.  Student Legal Services can only accept payments by cash or check. Please email or call 503.725.4556 if you have any questions.

To determine if we can help you, please read the following:

1. Please have your document completely filled out with the exception of the signature portion.
2.  Please be sure to bring one form of government issues ID with you. The following is a list of acceptable forms of ID: State issued driver license or ID card, U.S. passport, U.S. military ID, ID card issued by federally recognized Indian tribe, or other photo identification issued by the federal government or state? (Identification issued by a foreign government cannot be accepted.)
3.  Is your document in English?
   Yes: Proceed to next question.
   No: Can someone that you can bring in to the office translate the document into English and
         sign a sworn statement in front of a notary that it is a true and accurate translation?
                Yes: Once your translation has been completed and attached to the
                original foreign language document, both you and your translator
                may come during notary hours to have your document notarized. Both of you will need to sign
                 the document and will need to have acceptable government issued ID with you.
                 No: We are unable to assist. You will need to locate a notary who can read the
                 language of your document.
                 Bilingual notaries can be found at consulates and embassies and sometimes in the Yellow Pages.             
                 Translators are often notaries. A simple Google search will usually reveal notaries who are in your area  
                  that are eager to notarize in other languages.

4.  How many notarizations do you need?
The total number of notarizations includes copies. For example, if you need 3 different documents notarized, that is 3 notarizations. If you need 3 certified copies of the same document notarized, that is also 3 notarizations.
     1-2: Proceed to next question
     3 or more:  You will need to schedule an appointment with our front desk for
     a time outside of notary hours.

     Appointments will only be scheduled for multiple notarizations. If you need only 1-2 notarizations, you must
     visit our office during Notary Hours.

5. Does your document require witnesses?
      Yes: Please be sure to bring the number of witnesses required by your document with
      you. We are not able to provide any witnesses; we only provide the notary service.

      No: Proceed to our notary hours as listed below!

6. Do you need a  certified copy of your PSU degree? Please contact the Degree Requirements office in NH 104, or call 503.725.3438 for information on how to obtain this. Our office cannot assist with these documents.

Notary hours

Monday-Friday: 11:00am-12:00pm and 3:00-4:00pm