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Landlord and Tenant

SLS assists in landlord-tenant matters in Oregon provided the opposing party is not also a Portland State University student.  We can meet with you to discuss you landlord-tenant matter during our walk in hours, which are posted here. 

Common landlord-tenant issues include:

  1. Evictions;
  2. Security deposit withholdings;
  3. Habitability issues;
  4. Issues regarding payment of utilities;
  5. Discriminatory eviction; and
  6. Essential services (heat,water, pest-infestations, etc.)

SLS has also developed an extensive Landlord-Tenant Law Handbook for students, hard copies of which are available to students free of charge in our office.

For additional information and answers to general Landlord-Tenant Law questions, as well as links to other community resources, please visit our Additional Information - Landlord-Tenant Law page.

If you are renting a home or apartment that is currently going through the foreclosure process, please visit our Tenant's Rights in Foreclosure page. 

SLS can help you with a landlord-tenant matter during our walk-in hours. Please remember to bring your lease.  A lease is an enforceable contract and it is extremely difficult to give accurate legal advice without knowing what the landlord and tenant have agreed to.

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