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How to make an appointment:

Consultations are given in person only. No legal advice is given over the telephone or by email.

  1. For Dissolution of marriage/domestic partnership, Custody/parenting time, Employment Discrimination, Expungements, Name Changes, and Personal Injury issues, fill out a pre-appointment form.
  2. For Landlord/tenant, Consumer, Small Claims, and Traffic issues, come in to drop-in hours.
  3. For Bankruptcy, Criminal, Stalking/FAPA orders, Immigration, and Unemployment issues, call our office at (503)725-4556. We do not schedule appointments via e-mail for these matters.

What to know about your appointment:

  • What to bring to the first appointment: Be sure to bring your current PSU ID and all paperwork related to the case with you to the appointment (i.e., summons to court, lease, notice to quit, written communications, work contract, traffic ticket).
  • Information shared with SLS Staff is completely confidential: We are pleased to provide professional, confidential legal services in accordance with the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct. You will be able to discuss all aspects of your problem openly and candidly with us, because information concerning your case will not be released to third parties without written authorization from you.
  • Your responsibilities as an SLS Client: One of the most important things for you to do, both before and after we open your case, is to keep copies of any written communications, either from or to you regarding your legal issue. If we ask you for documents or other information you must respond in a timely fashion. You must keep in touch with the office about your case. If new developments arise let us know. Please be sure to give the legal staff updated address and telephone information, should you move.
  • You are strongly encouraged to take notes about any advice or information given to you by the legal staff. Often, several different alternatives may be suggested, or complicated procedures discussed, and you should not expect to be able to remember everything without writing it down.
  • You may have to miss class or work to deal with your legal problem: Clients sometimes have time conflicts with court or administrative hearings, or other meetings that they must attend. If you have a class or are scheduled to work at such a time, you may have to miss the class or job. SLS Staff make every effort to work with your professors and/or employers to assist you in avoiding these conflicts.

What to know about your appointment:

*Please be aware that this appointment is only for you. Do not expect to be able to bring someone else into the appointment as it is our policy to meet ONLY with the student client*