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Family Law

SLS can typically assist eligible students with most family law matters provided the opposing party is not also a PSU student.  For family law matters SLS can only assist in cases where jurisdiction is in Oregon. When appropriate, SLS may be able to provide direct representation in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas counties.

SLS can usually advise on Oregon cases involving:

  1. Divorce;

  2. Custody and parenting time;  

  3. Paternity issues;

  4. Step-parent and domestic partner adoptions;

  5. Third party custody issues;

  6. Division of property in non-marital cases (both same and opposite sex domestic partnerships);

  7. Child support; and 

  8. Restraining and stalking orders.

SLS is unable to assist in cases involving complex assets, tax or valuation issues.  If your case involves these issues, please contact SLS for an appropriate referral.

Additional Family Law resources are available here, and answers to some Family Law Frequently Asked Questions are available here. 

If you are an eligible PSU student and would like SLS' assistance in a family law matter, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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