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Travel Health

IMPORTANT: See below (and/or side bar) for information you HAVE to bring to your appointment OR you cannot be seen for a travel appointment at SHAC.


Making a Travel Visit Appointment

At SHAC, it is our goal to provide you with information about how to stay safe on your trip abroad, and provide advice, immunizations recommendations, and in some cases specialized medications.

We recommend that you schedule an appointment well in advance of your trip, ideally 6-8 weeks prior to travel. It is important to plan ahead. Some vaccines may take up to a month to become fully effective, and others require a series of injections.

Immunizations and any prescriptions you receive will be based on your medical conditions, itinerary, and planned activities. Depending on where you travel, we will also advise about ways to decrease risk of infection from food, water, and insects.

A copy of your previous immunization history is required for your travel appointment at SHAC. Documentation of immunization dates can be found at your doctor's office or previously attended schools. Serologic proof of immunity for measles, mumps, rubella, Hep A, Hep B, and varicella can be done but this test is not covered by health insurance. You will solely be responsible for the cost of the test. Immunizations and/or medications for travel may not be covered by insurance and it is your responsibility to contact your individual insurance carrier for coverage benefits.

Again, we require that you bring your previous immunization record to your SHAC travel visit appointment. If you do not bring this documentation your appointment will be rescheduled and a $25 charge will be incurred. When you schedule your appointment we also require that you give us detailed information about which countries you will travel to and how long you will be in the area.

 Must-haves for your SHAC appointment:

  • A complete copy of immunization history
  • Any Titer blood tests done to prove immunity
  • Scheduled appointment 6-8 weeks prior to travel
  • A complete list of where you are traveling to and through

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