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BYU’s Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service (FLATS)

The BYU FLATS is a foreign language exam administered to demonstrate proficiency and fulfill second language requirements. This exam is authored by Brigham Young University (BYU) and is available for both BYU and non BYU students to take. For PSU students taking the BYU FLATS exam, eligibility can be confirmed by contacting the Department of World Languages at 503-725-3522.


Please Note:

  • PSU students can get information on languages offered and eligibility by visiting the World Languages and Literature's website.
  • Students are responsible for ordering their exam prior to scheduling an appointment with Testing Services. Order the test online here.
  • There is a mandatory 6-month waiting period for retaking a failed test.


Appointments are required and available as space permits. Register here for a time. A testing appointment needs to be scheduled at least 2 days in advance.


Testing Services non-refundable registration fee is $35. If you reschedule, you must pay the registration fee again. BYU FLATS charges a separate fee to take this exam. For more information about BYU FLATS fee visit their webpage.

Test Day

On the day of the test bring:

  • Current photo ID


For information on scores and to interpret results please contact BYU FLATS; or if you are a PSU student contact the Department of World Languages directly at 503-725-3522. Testing Services does not interpret scores or results.




If you have questions about the content of the exam, go to the official BYU FLATS website. For non-PSU students and for general information please visit the BYU FLATS website. Direct questions about test registration and administration go to Testing Services at 503.725.5301.