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Non-PSU Insurance Options

Oregon Health Insurance Exchange

On October 1, 2013, the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange (Cover Oregon) officially opened. Cover Oregon will continue to exist until the implementation of the federal health insurance exchange for Oregon slated for October 2014. Visit the Cover Oregon website for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to purchase an outside insurance plan and waive out of the PSU Plan for any future term, the plan you choose must meet the basic waiver requirements including:

  • A $2500 deductible or less
  • 80% In-patient hospitalization coverage

In addition, policies purchased using the Oregon or federal exchanges provide coverage through a calendar year (January-December). Please be aware that PSU’s student health insurance coverage is on an academic school year and is dependent on your per term enrollment.

If you lose your outside health insurance coverage at any time due to a qualifying life event (i.e. job loss, turn 26, divorce, etc.) you can elect to be put on the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan. Coverage starts when you contact PSU to be re-enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan, and is not backdated to start of the term. You will be assessed the full per-term fee regardless of date of enrollment. To be re-enrolled in the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan contact the SHAC Insurance Team by email at or at 503.725.2495.

Oregon Health Plan

Individuals can see if they qualify for health coverage through the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and Healthy Kids at any time. Visit the Oregon Health Plan website for more information.

Tribal Members Health Plan Information

Tribes can enroll in the Tribal Premium Sponsorship Program at any time, and Tribal members have special monthly enrollment periods when they can sign up for or change plans. For more information or to talk with someone about your options, please email the SHAC Insurance Team.