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Social, Connectivity and Summer Intensives
Author: Trish Carey
Posted: February 19, 2013

One Day Social Media Seminars

Interested in learning more about managing social?

social media

Implications of Social Media in HR: Currently organizations across the globe are investing in and building their social media teams and strategies. With the rapid proliferation of technology and the explosive growth of social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, your employees are participating in messages related to your organization on their corporate and personal accounts. The fast-paced growth of social media creates an urgent need to look at your organization beyond your walls, develop policies and procedures that apply to these changes, and help your employees understand the legal implications of their actions.
April 6 2013

Leveraging Social Media for Recruitment: Recruiting for the right candidate in a global economy can be challenging and time consuming. With the rapid proliferation of technology and the explosive growth of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, HR professionals and recruiters now have powerful tools and platforms to search for and acquire the most talented candidates.
May 13 2013

Influencer Marketing: Do you know how to identify key social and digital influencers who are well-positioned to positively influence your target audiences? Utilizing relevant aggregators, a social media listening system and other marketplace intelligence, learn how to rank the top online influencers in key categories. We will also discuss key strategies to engage each influencer category and turn influencers into advocates for your organization.
June 20 2013

Social Media Communications Policies: The age of social media brings challenges to our historical communications policies. Our internal thought leaders and advocates are now ideal social media promoters, but our long-standing policies are outdated and ineffective. We will discuss how your existing communications policies can be transformed into new, era-appropriate policies and procedures that can be distributed company-wide.
June 13 2013

Crisis Communications in New Media: Social media crises happen rapidly and sometimes without warning, so you must be prepared with a plan of action and a team that is well trained to respond accordingly. When handled correctly, a crisis communication plan can minimize the damage of an event and allow you to further educate your target audience. We will take you through a workshop on Crisis Communications and deliver a framework that can be used in the event of a future crisis.
June 20 2013


HR Courses

Spring & Summer Registration open

See below for a list of HR courses that will be offered in the next 9 months. Additionally, all six required courses for the HR certificate are offered June-August in our Summer Intensive Program.

Effective Training, Design and Evaluation and Corrective Action for Performance Issues are usually offered only once a year and are not a part of the "HR Generalist" certificate bundle. However, due to popular demand, we have put the classes back on the schedule!

Upcoming 2013 HR classes:
Management of Human Resources
Benefits Management
Employee and Labor Relations
Basic Principles of EEO
Culture, Communication and Conflict
Talent Acquisition, Selection and Retention

OD Program

Summer Intensive

Organizational Development (OD) is a field dedicated to building more effective organizations by developing, transforming and sustaining high-performance workplaces. To accomplish this, an organization's systems and processes must be aligned.

Portland State's Organizational Development Certificate Program is back with a summer intensive program starting in June 2013.  The summer intensive format is a condensed version of our OD certificate - same content in a shorter period of time. This year you may register for five courses and complete the certificate by the end of August. And if you are a student who started the OD program and would like to complete your certification, summer 2013 is the perfect time to finish!

If you have questions or would like to set up an advising appointment, email Carmen or call
(503) 725-8496.

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Interested in Digital Strategy?
Online Now
Consumers and businesses are increasingly shifting their attention from traditional marketing tactics to the Internet, mobile devices and other digital media. Watch Lisa Peyton, Digital Marketing Strategy instructor, conduct an online Hangout with recent graduates of the PSU program discuss digital marketing, the state of digital, and their experiences.

Workshop: Leading Transitions
February 26
Join us for our popular Leading Transitions workshop led by PSU Instructor Paul Spindel. The workshop will provide tips on job search strategies and is a great opportunity to network with Portland professionals. RSVP to Melissa Endicott

The Talent Gap: HR Breakfast
April 4
Fixing today's talent gap does not include the same tried and true tactics recruiters used in the past. Join us for the next PSU HR Breakfast where we will discuss this emerging issue. Portland HR executives will lead the discussion and provide strategies that successful businesses are using to address these challenges. Panelists include Elaine Lees, Executive HR Vice President for Audigy Group.
RSVP to Carmen or call (503) 725-8496 for more information

PSU Orchestra Performs Mozart
February 22
Ken Selden conducts the PSU Orchestra in VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Five Variants of "Dives and Lazarus": Mozart Requiem, February 22. Tickets are now on sale through the PSU Box office. The concert will take place at First United Methodist Church in downtown Portland. Read more

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