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Student Health Insurance Information

Health Insurance Plan Benefits, Costs, and Important Dates

Benefit Highlights (See Student Health Insurance Brochure for more information:

  • $500,000 medical maximum per academic year
  • No deductible if using an Aetna provider
  • Aetna Provider Network
  • $3,500 out of pocket max for In-Network/$7,000 out of pocket max for Out-of-Network
  • Emergency, Hospital, and Surgery coverage
  • Outpatient Physician benefits paid at 100% if In-Network with $20 copay
  • Outpatient Counseling visits paid at 100% if In-Network with $15 copay
  • 80% In-Network/60% Out-of-Network Coverage for most other services (may a have separate copay)
  • Diagnostic X-ray/Lab/MRI coverage
  • Physical Therapy and Chiropractic coverage
  • Prescription coverage up to $500,000 (includes birth control)
  • Maternity expense
  • No referrals required to see a specialist
  • Impacted wisdom teeth expense

Insurance Cost Per Term

The student health insurance plan for the 2013-14 academic year is $594 for each eligible term (i.e. Fall, Winter, and a Spring/Summer* combination). This amount will automatically be applied to the student's account unless they waive out by the Drop deadline. Click here for more information on the waiver process.

If a student waives out, and then loses coverage, they may request the student plan any time throughout the quarter. Insurance coverage is not backdated and the premium is not prorated.

Insurance Important Dates

Eligibiliity Dates for 2013-14 Drop Deadlines* for 2013-14
  • Fall term 2013: 9/20/13-1/6/14**
  • Winter term 2014: 1/6/14-3/31/14**
  • Spring/Summer 2014***: 3/31/14-9/20/14**
  • Summer term 2014 only (did not take Spring credits): TBD
  • Fall term 2013: 10/13/13
  • Winter term 2014: 1/19/14
  • Spring/Summer: 4/13/14
  • Summer term only: 7/6/14

*The Drop Deadline is the last day students can waive out of the Health Insurance Plan for each term.

**Insurance coverage ends at 12:01 AM.

***Students who have the insurance during Spring term are automatically covered throughout the summer regardless of graduating, traveling, or taking summer classes. See above for specific coverage dates.