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Options for Graduating Seniors

For those Graduating Spring Term

Regarding the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan

Using PSU's Center for Student Health & Counseling

  • If a student was enrolled in five or more in-load, non-Restricted Differential Tuition credit hours in Spring term AND are graduating from PSU, they are still eligible to use SHAC's medical, counseling, dental, and testing services on a fee-for-service basis through Summer term.
  • All fees are billed to the student's account.

Options After Summer Term

  • If you have lost eligibility to be on the PSU Student Insurance Plan because of graduating or not taking enough credits, you would qualify to purchase an individual plan on the insurance exchange within 30 days of losing the PSU coverage.  If you need to provide them proof that your student plan terminated, please call our insurance broker, Wells Fargo Student Insurance Services at 800) 853-5899.