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Counseling Staff

Counseling Services at SHAC are provided by a staff of psychologists, clinical social workers, and psychiatrists. Counseling Services also serves as a training site for advanced graduate students in psychology, social work, counselor education, and psychiatry who provide services under the supervision of senior staff members.

Licensed Professional Staff

Marcy Hunt

Marcy Hunt, PhD
Psychologist; Counseling Services Director


Michelle Block

Michelle Block, PsyD
Pyschologist (PT)



Susan Captein

Susan Captein, LCSW
Social Worker (PT); Alcohol & Drug Clinical Program Specialist


Keith Conant

Keith Conant, MD



Michelle Shawver

Michelle Shawver, PsyD
Psychologist (PT)



Jennifer DahlinJennifer Dahlin, PsyD


Cheryl Forster

Cheryl Forster, PsyD
Psychologist; Coordinator of Diversity and the Psychology Internship


Robyn Gregory

Robyn Gregory, LCSW
Social Worker (PT)


Tim Hagge

Tim Hagge, LCSW
Social Worker; Outreach Specialist

Chris Hodson

Chris Hodson, PhD


Janice Kettler

Janice Kettler, LCSW
Social Worker (PT); Groups Program Specialist


Lisa Koralewicz

Lisa Koralewicz, LCSW
Social Worker


Karen Ledbetter

Karen Ledbetter, PsyD
Psychologist; Coordinator of Assessment


Carla Riedlinger

Carla Riedlinger, LCSW
Social Worker; Coordinator of Crisis Services

Noelle Savatta

Noelle Savatta, PhD


Dawn Schneider

Dawn Schneider, LCSW
Social Worker



Heather Tollander

Heather Tollander, PsyD
Pyschologist (PT) 

Alan Yeo

Alan Yeo, MD


Not pictured
  • Karen Stallwood, PsyD, Pyschologist (PT)
  • Samantha Forsythe, PsyD, Pyschologist (PT)




Psychiatry Residents

Joshua BorrelliJoshua Borrelli, MA

Kyle Issacson, PhD (not pictured)

Psychology Interns

  • Ana Lauren Reiss, MS
  • Megan Manthos, MEd




Assessment Program Assistant

  • Amy Werry

Assessment Practicum Students

  • Alyssa Nolde
  • JeNais Radabaugh
  • Morgan Anderson

Social Work Interns

  • Jake Kleint
  • Joseph Kleinhenz
  • Keith Powrie

Counselor Education Intern

  • Yanet Nunez