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Bringing Sexual Misconduct Prevention into Your Classroom

Integrating sexual misconduct prevention information into your curriculum is a key way to advance student learning and promote a safe campus community.

The Senior Capstone Class: “Sexual Education Education Theater” is available to offer your class an interactive, engaging performance.

Hosted by University Studies, the Sexual Assault Education Theater Capstone course uses a unique interactive format to engage student performers and audience members in practicing strategies for interrupting sexual  misconduct on PSU’s campus. Students in the class spend the quarter learning about the dynamics of sexual assault as they practice using theater as a tool for social change. Students develop a short play about sexual assault and its prevention based on classroom readings, discussions, prior learning, and lived experiences.   This play is then performed for campus audiences based on the Theater of the Oppressed Open Forum model, in which audience members are invited to stop and shift the action by joining the play, thereby practicing strategies for facing challenging situations and "rehearsing for the future."

For more information, visit the Senior Capstone site at University Studies. To schedule a performance, contact Jess Amo at the WRC.