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M.A./M.S. Health Studies

The M.A./M.S. degree in health studies is designed to provide a research-oriented opportunity for students with an interest in physical activity/exercise. Students must complete each of the common required courses (including the completion and defense of a thesis) as well as a concentration of courses in the area of physical activity/exercise.
Students applying to the M.A./M.S. degree program should have an undergraduate academic background in a health-related discipline. Previous coursework in the biological sciences may be helpful, depending upon the graduate academic plan of study that the student wishes to pursue.
Students pursuing the M.A./M.S. degree in health studies must complete at least 49 graduate credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. This includes a core of 19 credits, and two options: a thesis option with 18 additional credits from the physical activity/exercise concentration and 3 credits of electives, or a project option with 21 additional credits.
All M.A./M.S. students must complete a thesis or a project.
Common Required Courses (19 Credits)
Course Number
Course Name
PHE 512
Principles of Health Behavior
PHE 520
Qualitative Research Design
PHE 521
Quantitative Research Design & Analysis
PHE 530
Epidemiology I
PHE 576
Physical Activity, Health & Disease
PHE 577 Exercise, Nutrition & Performance 3

Thesis (9 credits) or Project (6 credits)

Physical Activity/Exercise Concentration - Thesis Option (18 credits) or Project Option (21 credits)
Course Number
Course Name Credits
USP 534 Data Analysis 4
SOC 592 Qualitative Methods 4
PSY 550 Occupational Health Psychology 4
PSY 571 Health Psychology 4
PHE 507 Seminar 3
PHE 545 Men's Health 4
PHE 546 Urban and Community Health 3
PHE 551 Women's Holistic Health 3
PHE 552 Women's Health 3
PHE 556 Health Aspects of Aging 4
PHE 558 Perspectives on Aging 3
PHE 573 Physiology of Exercise 4
PHE 575 Exercise Testing Techniques 4
BI 517 Mammalian Physiology 4
BI 518 Comparative Animal Phsyiology 4
BI 520 Ethical Practice in the Life Sciences 4
BI 553 Biology of Aging 3
BI 562  Neurophysiology 

[Other graduate courses may be substituted only with advisor pre-approval]

Complete at least three (3) credits of electives 


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Advisor: Gary Brodowicz-
“Note: Applications to the M.A./M.S. Health Studies graduate degree program can be processed only if a thesis/project advisor has been identified and confirmed.  Applicants are encouraged to contact faculty members directly in order to determine if an advisee vacancy exists, and if the faculty member is willing to serve as a thesis/project advisor.”