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Who is My Adviser?

Career and Academic Advising

The School of Business at PSU utilizes professional advisers in delivering advising for students. Professional advisors are available to assist with university general education and degree requirements, assist with academic standing issues and petitions, and provide referrals to various campus services.

Professional advisers are assigned based on the last two digits of a students’ PSU ID number (All are located in SBA 240):

Advisor Email Address Phone Number Last two digits of ID number

Haley Holmes

 503-725-  4742


Ashley Storey

 503-725-  3089


Becky Einolf

 503-725-  3699


Keri McGee

 503-725-  9834


Doug Siegler

 503-725-  5052


Becky Sanchez  503-725-  4745 Prospective Student Advisor

Saori Clark 503-725-2323 Online Program   Advisor



Appointments: 503-725-3712

Information on Express or Drop-In Advising can be found here.

Business Professional Advising by Area

Some of our faculty provide advising about the professions related to your area of study and may be a good resource for selecting upper division electives. This list of faculty have volunteered to serve as contacts for such advising. Always feel free to contact your favorite professor if not on this list.

Area of study Faculty EMAIL Phone number
Accounting Kathy Rupley 503 725-3133
Advertising Maureen O’Connor 503 725-4728
Finance Dave Nickel 503 725-5931
Human Resources Management Alan Cabelly 503 725-3789
Management and Leadership Jennifer Loney 503 725-4732
Marketing Tom Gillpatrick 503 725-3755
Real Estate Gerard Mildner 503 725-5175
Supply and Logistics Management Lee Buddress 503 725-4769

Veterans Certification Advisor

Each of our professional advisors is trained to serve as a Veteran’s Certification Advisor. Please call our front desk at 503 725-3712.