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Teaching Tools Within the School of Business

Teaching Brown Bag Series

May 14, 2010: Derivatives and Fair Value Options - or - Take $700 Billion and Call Me in the Morning

Presented by Tyee Carr and Dan Rogers

An inside look at the building blocks of accounting derivatives to refresh our knowledge and understanding of "what is all this fuss about?"

Derivative Accounting for Faculty PowerPoint presentation by Tyee Carr

"Take $700 billion and call me in the morning: An academic dissection of our financial adventures" (Hypotheses from a microeconomic perspective) and Some Random Musings on Derivatives PowerPoints by Dan Rogers


April 15, 2010: Cognitive Development

Presented by Janelle Voegele

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.


February 9, 2010: Entrepreneurial Activity at PSU

What is going on, and how you can help!

A panel of speakers sharing information on their programs that are currently engaging SBA students in entrepreneurial ventures. They will be giving an overview of what are they doing, and how can we support them.

Business Outreach Program : Lara Damon (

PSU Business Accelerator :  Chris Axtell (

Social Entrepreneurship : Cindy Cooper (

An update on the PSU Entrepreneurship Center from Dr. Melissa Appleyard.

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.


January 12, 2010: Social Media

Social media pedagogical applications will be presented and discussed.  Specifically, three of the more widely used channels, social networking sites, Twitter, and social bookmarking will be presented and critiqued as viable (or not) teaching aids. Some potential discussion questions that will be addressed include:

  • How can social media extend class discussion and interest beyond the classroom?
  • What courses are best suited for using social media?
  • Does the use of social media break down too many necessary boundaries between students and instructors?
  • What risks are involved with accepting students as Facebook "friends"?
  • Despite its current buzz, is Twitter really that useful?
  • Are there certain students that are under- or over-served when using social media?
  • Is using social media worth the time and commitment?

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.


October 13, 2009: Online Teaching Thoughts and Tips

Two SBA faculty share their experience with online teaching over the past ten years including global concepts such as how to create a welcoming environment and specifics such as using affliated goals to enhance the meaning of online assignments.

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.


May 22, 2009: Grade Average of PSU SBA Undergraduate Core

Presented by Brenda Eichelberger

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.