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Finance Research

  • Brian Bolton, Ph.D., Associate Professor

    Dr. Bolton's research interests revolve around the study of corporate governance, or how boards of directors, compensation structures, government regulations and other mechanisms attempt to ensure that a firm’s managers are operating the firm in the best interests of the firm’s stakeholders.  He has published articles in Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Corporate Finance, Columbia Law Review and numerous other journals and books.  Prior to entering academia, Dr. Bolton worked as a research analyst with a private equity group and as an acquisition consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

  • Janet Hamilton, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Dr. Hamilton’s research interests focus on issues of applied corporate investment decisions, valuation, and issues in financial education, especially as it relates to development ofcritical thinking. She has published across disciplines, including in the Journal of Financial Education, Journal of International Finance, Journal of Marketing Education, Journal of Management and Structural Equation Modeling.

  • Piman Limpaphayom, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Dr. Limpaphayom's research focuses on issues such as the relation between qualities of corporate governance practices and firm value, the association between risk management and organizational structure, and bankruptcy re-structuring and firm valuation.

  • Shafiqur Rahman, Ph.D., Professor
    Dr. Rahman's research interests include Corporate Finance, Mutual Funds & Other Institutional Investors, Derivative Securities, Asset Pricing Models, Index Options & Futures, Market Volatility, Neural Network Models & Financial Markets, & Financial Planning Models

  • Daniel Rogers, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Dr. Rogers has published research in the areas of corporate risk management and derivatives usage, managerial incentives and executive compensation, stock option repricing. His published work includes articles in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Financial Management, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, and Journal of Futures Markets. His Financial Management article on the valuation effects of jet fuel hedging in the airline industry (co-authored with David Carter and Betty Simkins) was a co-winner of the Addison-Wesley Prize in 2006. Prior to his life as an academic, Dr. Rogers held management positions with a national airline and a petroleum products distributor during which he purchased jet and diesel fuel, and managed the price risk associated with these commodities.