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Internship Information

Earning Credit for an Internship

Do I need to Earn Credit for my internship?

Most internships posted by the SBA Business Internship Program are paid. Credit is optional for paid internships. Students generally use internship credits as electives toward their business degree or toward the total number of credits they need to graduate (180 for undergraduates). To determine whether you have elective credits to complete, consult with your academic advisor. 

Unpaid internships require credit with the exception of internships offered by governmental or not-for-profit organizations.

International students are generally required to earn credit regardless of whether the internship is paid or not. All international students considering an internship should discuss the specifics of their visa and academic program with a counselor in International Education Services. IES is located in East Hall. Call them at 503-725-4094.

How do I earn credit for my internship?

Students earn credit for internships through the Credit By Arrangement process. Students consult with a faculty person who teaches courses in the area most closely related to the internship opportunity. The faculty member and student come to an agreement regarding the position's responsibilities and learning objectives. The student receives 404 or 504 credit in their subject area from the faculty sponsor. A total of 40 hours of work is required to earn one credit. Thus, a student must complete 160 hours of work (for example, 16 hours per week over the course of a 10 week term) for 4 credits. Internships are generally limited to 4 credits. At the undergraduate level (404), these credits are pass/no pass.  A total of 6 of these credits may be applied towards an undergraduate business degree.  A graded option, called practicum (409), is also available in certain circumstances.

Note: Students must be admitted to the SBA in order to take 400 level courses, including internships. Therefore, students not yet admitted to the SBA may only seek internships that do not require credit.

When and where do I need to file the paperwork?

All By Arrangement paperwork must be completed and signed by the student and a faculty sponsor before the start of the internship.  The SBA cannot provide credit for any work performed in a prior term or before the student has met with a faculty sponsor. See below for information on how to find a faculty sponsor and how to complete the By Arrangement forms.  Completed paperwork should be brought to the front desk in SBA 240 for processing.

How do I find a faculty sponsor?

It is best to consult with a faculty member whom you already know. Most students ask faculty from whom they have already taken a course in their option area. Generally faculty are most willing to work with students they know. For this reason, it makes sense to do "for credit " internships once you have completed at least one upper division course in your subject area. Please note that some option areas require that the core 300 level course be completed before any 400 level course may be taken.

How can I prepare for my meeting with a potential faculty sponsor ?

Because faculty sponsorship is key to your ability to earn credit, it is important to approach faculty with all the relevant information in hand. You should have the following materials:

  • Credit By Arrangement forms (available in SBA 240)
  • Detailed position description (students and employers should prepare this)
  • Contact information for your internship supervisor (Name, address, phone, email)

Completing the Credit By-Arrangement Forms for Internship Credit

By-Arrangement Request Form

In left hand section of the form, please list the term and year. For summer internships the start and end weeks must be listed as well.

Section 1:

In addition to the contact information requested please list your email address.

Section 2:

The Department Code will correspond with the option area you are pursing and the discipline that is most closely related to the internships: MKTG, MGMT, FINL, ACTG.

The course number is 404 for undergraduates and 504 for graduate students.

The title you enter on this form will be listed in your transcript. The title must be in all capital letters and will always begin with INTERN

You may select the remaining 13 characters of the title with your faculty sponsor. Some students choose to list the name of the employer (XEROX, INTEL) or the type of work they will be completing (COST ACTG, MKT RSRCH).

In the Course name section, list the longer, unabbreviated name for the course.

In accordance with SBA policy, undergraduate (404) internships are offered on a pass/no pass basis.

Internships are generally limited to 4 credits each.  Up to 6 credits of these pass/no pass credits may be applied towards an undergraduate degree.  A graded option, called practicum, may be used in certain circumstances.

Section 3:

The instructor will sign and print her/his name and ID number. Generally faculty, not the student, return this form to Student Services due to the sensitive nature if its contents.

By-Arrangement Contract Between Student and Instructor

Appropriate Omnibus Number and Type:

The code for your option area plus the course number (404 undergraduates, 504 graduates) Example: MKTG: 404, FINL: 504

Course Title:

The title starting with INTERN from the By Arrangement Request form.

Specified Request Form:

Bring a draft of the learning objectives you would like to achieve to the meeting with your faculty sponsor. Together you will fine-tune these objectives and determine how the internship responsibilities relate specifically to the coursework in your discipline.

Activities and Deadlines:

The faculty sponsor will outline several assignments and their deadlines. You will agree to complete them and sign the form below. The forms should be returned to Student Services (SBA 240) along with the By Arrangement Request Form.