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Research - Theodore A. Khoury


  • Institutions & institutional change
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship within developing countries
  • Alliances, status and social forces within interorganizational relationships

Recent Honors

  • Best Paper Award, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Track. Southern Management Association's Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, 2013.
  • Nominee for Best Conference Paper Award at Strategic Management Society’s Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA 2013.
  • Best Paper Award, Entrepreneurship Division, “How do developing country entrepreneurs navigate extreme institutional voids?” Academy of Management Annual Conference, Boston, MA, 2012.
  • Best Paper Award, Technology and Innovation Management Division, “Exclusivity in biotech licensing: What makes licensors restrict their options?” Academy of Management Annual Conference, Boston, MA, 2012.
  • Finalist for Douglas Nigh Memorial Best Paper Award, Academy of Management IM Division, Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX (2011)


Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Grant to collect data on invention/patenting and underwriter status for all initial public offerings 1996-2006, (2008-2009)

Refereed Publications

Khoury, T. A., Prasad, A. (2015) Entrepreneurship amidst concurrent institutional constraints in less developed countries. Business and Society (special  issue on “Business in Extreme Operating Environments”), DOI: 10.1177/0007650314567641.

Khoury, T. A., Cuervo-Cazurra, A., Dau. L.A. (2014) Institutional insiders and outsiders: The response of domestic and foreign inventors to the quality of intellectual property rights protection. Global Strategy Journal, 4(2): 200-220.

Khoury, T. A., Junkunc, M., Mingo, S. (2012). Navigating political hazard risks and legal system quality: Venture capital investments in Latin America. Journal of Management, DOI: 10.1177/0149206312453737.

Pleggenkuhle-Miles. E., Khoury, T. A., , Deeds, D., Markoczy L. (2013) Exploring cognitive bias: Expert ratings of business schools. Management Decision, 51(9): 1905-1927.

Khoury, T. A., Junkunc, M., Deeds, D. (2013). The social construction of legitimacy through signaling social capital: Exploring the conditional value of alliances and underwriters at IPO. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice (special issue on “Social Capital and Entrepreneurship: Catalyst or Retardant”), 37(3): 569-601.

Khoury, T. A., Pleggenkuhle-Miles. E. (2011). Shared inventions and the evolution of capabilities: Examining the biotechnology industry. Research Policy, 40(7): 943-956.

Khoury, T. A., Peng, M. W. (2011). Does institutional reform of intellectual property rights lead to more inbound FDI in developing countries? Evidence from Latin America and the Caribbean. Journal of World Business, 46: 447-345.

Qian, G., Khoury, T. A. Peng, M. W., Qian, Z. (2010). The performance implications of intra- and inter-regional geographic diversification. Strategic Management Journal, 31: 1018–1030.

Non-Refereed Publications

Peng, M.W., Khoury. T.A. 2009. Unbundling the Institution-based View of International Business Strategy. In A. Rugman (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of International Business, New York: Oxford University Press.

Selected Conference Presentations

Pacheco, D., Khoury, T.A., (2014) Social movement intervention in industry growth: The role of industry structure and evolution within Cleantech Dynamics Symposium. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Phillidelphia, PA.

Khoury, T. A., Walter, J., Pleggenkuhle-Miles, E. (2012). Exclusivity in biotech licensing: What makes licensors restrict their options? Presented at the Annual Meeting of Academy of Management, Boston, MA (Published in the best papers proceedings). 

Khoury, T. A., Prasad, A. (2012).  The challenges of entrepreneurship amidst extreme institutional voids.  Presented at the Annual Meeting of Academy of Management, Boston, MA, (Published in the best papers proceedings). 

Khoury, T. A., Cuervo-Cazurra, A., Dau, L. (2012). The response of inventors to IPR reform. Presented at the Academy of International Business Conference, Washington, D.C.

Khoury, T. A. & Prasad, A. The challenges of entrepreneurship amidst extreme institutional voids, 2011 Annual Meeting of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada. Montreal, QC.

Khoury, T.A., Junkunc, M., Mingo, S. Institutional conditions and venture capital investment in developing countries, 2011 Academy of Management Meeting, San Antonio, TX.

Khoury, T.A., Pacheco, D. Towards a systematic understanding of how interest-affiliated actors impact technology trajectories, 2010 INFORMS Conference, Austin, TX.

Hibara, N. Khoury, T.A., Mathew, P. Entrepreneurial foresight and the endogenous choice of market intermediaries in Japanese initial public offerings. 2010 Academy of Management Meeting. Montreal, QC.

Pleggenkuhle-Miles, E., Khoury, T.A. 2009. How do different strategic alliances expand a firm’s technological breadth? A study of joint patenting within biotechnology 1980—2007. Presented at the 2009 Academy of Management Meeting and published in the Best Papers Proceedings. Chicago, IL.

Pleggenkuhle-Miles, E., Khoury, T.A. Influencing innovation: Social capital as a determinant of technological breadth. 2009 Strategic Management Society. Washington, D.C.

Qian, G., Khoury, T.A., Peng. M.W. & Li, L. Resource combinations behind entrepreneurial internationalization. 2008 Academy of Management Meeting. Anaheim, CA.

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