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Post-Baccalaureate Students

Have you already completed a four-year bachelor's degree? Or are you now purusing a second degree or certificate in the School of Business? If so, you are a post-baccalaureate (post-bac) student. 

Start your post-bac business degree in six easy steps

Step 1:  Research the Program

Visit for information about post-baccalaureate degree and certificate programs through the School of Business Administration (SBA).

Step 2: Apply to Portland State University (4-8 weeks)

Submit an Application for Post-baccalaureate Admission, enclosed in this packet, with sealed official transcripts to the Office of Admissions in Neuberger Hall Room 105.  Be sure to mark “Undergraduate” on your application when asked to indicate the level of your courses.  Applications are available online at

Step 3:  Contact Your Advisor for a Transcript Audit (1-2 weeks)

  • If you are too late applying to PSU to be formally admitted for an upcoming term, consider meeting with an admissions counselor in Neuberger Hall Room 105 and submitting a PSU Non-Degree Application. Admission as a Non-Degree student allows you to take up to eight credits per term until you are formally admitted to PSU as a post-baccalaureate student.\
  • Remember:  You must opt in to the School of Business after being admitted to PSU.
  • Once you are admitted to PSU and have a PSU ID#, you will need to contact your advisor. To find out who your assigned advisor is, please call 503.725.3712 or visit:
  • Email your advisor with your PSU SID# and let them know that you are a newly admitted Post-Bac to PSU and would like your transcripts evaluated. Your advisor will then request that your courses be entered into the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS). Once this is done, your advisor will email you back to let you know that your classes have been entered into the DARS system.

Step 4:  Meet with an Academic Advisor

After receiving an email from your advisor confirming your transcripts have been evaluated, call 503-725-3712 to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss the following:

  • Requirements for a second degree in business
  • Petitions
  • DARS

Step 5:  Register for Courses (Approx. 6 weeks before the term begins)

  • The registration system checks for prerequisites. Since you may have completed the prerequisites at another school, the PSU system will give you a prerequisite error when you try to register.  To alleviate this problem, email your advisor prior to registration so they can complete a system override of the prerequisite that will allow you to register online on your day to register.

  • Registration dates:
    • Admitted to SBA – register on undergraduate post-baccalaureate day.
    • Not admitted to SBA – register for 100 and 200 level business classes on undergraduate post-baccalaureate day. You will be able to register for 300/400 level business classes once you are admitted to the SBA.

Step 6:  Opt in to the SBA

When you are eligible, opt in to the School of Business   

For detailed information on required courses for admission to the SBA and for your major/option, please refer to the PSU School of Business Advising Guide.

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