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Mentor Program

Portland-area business professionals are invited to participate in the PSU/SBA Mentor Program.

Remember what it took to find that first job? Remember all the lessons you had to learn - sometimes the hard way? Now that you know what it takes to succeed, now that you've established yourself in your field, and because you understand the importance of networking, why not share your knowledge and experience?


The SBA Mentor Program is designed to help students increase their workplace savvy, gain clarity on their career interests, develop their networking skills and successfully make the transition from college to the workplace through a mentor relationship with a business professional.

We all must go through a learning process, but a mentor can help smooth out the bumps and prepare students to make the most of those learning opportunities.

The Mentor Relationship

Mentors are asked to meet with their student six times during the academic year, but many mentors find additional ways to provide their student with exposure to a variety of experiences, including:

  • Job shadow opportunities
  • Attendance at professional, board, staff, and client meetings
  • Review job descriptions in the student's area of interest
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Resume and cover letter critiques
  • Create informational interview opportunities with other professionals
  • Invitations to attend professional gatherings
  • Site tours

A Win-Win

The program isn't just a win for students - mentors gain a great deal, too.

  • Develop coaching and feedback skills
  • Chance to screen potential employees
  • Opportunity to "give back"
  • Increased pride in your career
  • Stay connected with new developments
  • Gain satisfaction by helping someone get started

The mentor program begins late October/early November for Accounting majors and January for all other majors, and runs through May. If you're considering becoming a mentor and would like to receive more information about the program, send your name, title, company and mailing address to Becky Einolf at

Special Opportunities for Professional Organizations

The PSU/SBA Mentor Program provides rewarding professional development opportunities for members of local professional organizations. By working with a business student, members can help advance their profession through the development of new talent. By establishing partnerships with the Mentor Program, local organizations can also help to strengthen student chapters.