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Internship Program and Cooperative Education

The Internship Program matches your educational goals with local business needs to provide you with practical business experience. We want to ensure that your internship experience reinforces your academic training and provides opportunities to gain early access into your chosen career.

Career Connect: Find a Job or InternshipInternships can involve a wide range of business activities, such as updating business plans, developing marketing plans, and designing user-friendly accounting and information systems. Students may earn academic credit for their internships and typically also receive financial compensation. Here are the steps to earn credit for your internship:

  • Secure an internship position.
  • Be eligible to take 300 and 400-level business courses.
  • 1) Take the SBA online internship course (apply here: Internship Intake and Eligibility Form)
  • Complete written assignments and submit verification of your internship.

Not sure what types of internships you can do? Check out some typical internships for business majors. To receive regular notice of available internships, sign up for Career Connect. 

Earn Credit for Internship through Online Credit Course

  • Step 1: Find an internship using the variety of career resources available to them such as CareerConnect where you can put in search terms and receive alerts when new opportunities that match their interests become available.
  • Step 2: Fill out the Internship Intake and Eligibility Form.
  • Step 3: Behind the scenes, a faculty member will review the application and, if it qualifies for credit, will forward it to the Undergraduate Programs Office who will verify the student is eligible.
  • Step 4: You will be contacted on the outcome (approved or not approved). And, if approved, you can register online as usual. We currently offer this course as ACTG 404, FIN 404, MGMT 404, MKTG 404 and ISQA 404 (1 credit or 4 credits, pass/no pass).
  • Step 5: Online Internship (404) & Practicum (409) Course FAQs

Requirements to take the Online Credit Course:

  • Have an internship secured
  • Have a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Be enrolled in School of Business
  • Be eligible to take 400-level courses

Please contact the Undergraduate Programs Office ( with any questions on how you can register for the course.

Internships for International Students

For more information on internships for international students, visit the Office of International Affairs: International Student Services office in 101 East Hall. Information about Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is available on their website.