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How to Run an SBA Admissions Application

To apply for the School of Business you must have grades posted in all the pre-business courses. To view the pre-business courses click here. 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your PSU ID and PIN
  3. Click on "LOGIN"
  4. Click on "Student Services & Financial Aid"
  5. Click on "DARS" -- Degree Audit Reporting System
  6. Click on "Submit an Audit".
  7. Select "Business Admin-School" from the pull down menu.
  8. Select "Non-Degree" from the pull down menu.
  9. Select "Business Admin" from the pull down menu.
  10. Select "Bus Admin: Admission Req (DARS)" from the pull down menu.
  11. Select your appropriate catalog year from the pull down menu.
  12. Click on the "Run Analysis" button.
  13. Click on the "view submitted audits" button
  14. Click on the "Refresh the List" button every couple of minutes until your audit returns.
  15. Click on the audit under the "view link". This will bring back the audit you requested.


To print your application audit select "view printer friendly version" and select the print icon on your browser tool bar.

Submission of the Application

Fill out the front page of your application, sign it, and submit it to SBA 240 as soon as you are eligible for admission to avoid any delay in your priority registration privileges. If any of your coursework from another school has not been transferred to PSU, you will also be required to attach an unofficial copy of your transcript showing your grades for these classes.

Alternatively, you can fax your application to 503-725-5740 or scan and email it to your advisor



This application is for degree-seeking students. If you are doing the Post-Baccalaureate Accounting Certificate there is different admissions application to fill out. Admission to the SBA is based on your grades in the lower-division pre-requisite conceptual tools courses, your transfer GPA (if applicable), your PSU cumulative GPA (if applicable), and your SBA GPA at PSU (if applicable). If all requirements meet or exceed the minimum standard you will be admitted to the SBA for the term for which you applied.
****If your application does not indicate that you are currently admissible to the SBA, you must speak to your advisor in the SBA Student Services Office to determine whether your application will be accepted.****


School of Business Differential Tuition


As noted in your application to the SBA, you will be charged the School of Business differential tuition for all credits taken (business and non-business), applied at the time of admission.  Tuition cost can be found online at Differential tuition supports career services, internship and scholarship programs, and other resources offered exclusively to students admitted to the School of Business.