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Apply for your online business degree

In order to be considered for the online bachelor's in business, management & leadership program, an applicant must meet the admissions criteria of both Portland State University and the School of Business Administration.

Admissions Requirements

  1. Students must have completed all the following pre-business courses with a “C-“ or better (while maintaining an overall 3.0 GPA):
      • BA 101-Introduction to Business & World Affairs
      • BA 205 - Business Communications Using Technology
        • BA 211-Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
          • BA 213-Decision Making Accounting Information
            • CS 106-Computing Fundamentals II*
            • EC 201 & 202-Principles of Economics (Micro and Marco)
            • STATS 243 & 244- Statistics I & II (Recommended to take statistics for business majors)
            • COMM 220-Public Speaking
            • WR 121- English Composition
            *CS 106 is no longer required starting fall 2014
          • A minimum of 3.0 GPA in all three applicable categories:
            • All transfer credits
              • All PSU credits
              • All PSU graded business credits (pre-business courses)

            Application Process 

            To be considered for admissions, please complete all of the following:

            1. Complete Online PSU Application ($50 non-refundable application fee)
            2. Complete the School of Business Admissions Application.
            3. Mail all official transcriptions to:

            Portland State University
            PO Box 751
            Portland, OR 97207-0751

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