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Behzad Hosseini

Adjunct Faculty

Office: SBA 691
Phone: 503-464-8641
Fax: 503-725-5850

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Behzad Hosseini’s career mission is to help large organizations excel, continuously improve and adaptively change so increase their contributions to society.  He currently works as the Director of Information Technology Strategy for Portland General Electric, a vertically-integrated electric utility serving much of northwestern Oregon.  His current role is only the latest in a long line of formal and informal roles through which his leadership has contributed greatly to the company’s success.  His formal roles have spanned positions of increasing responsibility in the Information Technology, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Distribution Operations, Business Decisions Support, and Finance & Accounting departments.  The company has frequently tapped Behzad for executive-level leadership of cross-functional and special purpose teams as well, drawing on his proven abilities to provide strategic direction, empower and support collaboration among diverse people, and build partnerships within and outside the company.

In delivering results, Behzad draws on his formal education, which culminated in an MBA, and his ongoing commitment to learning which he hones through the discipline of teaching.  He also applies his diverse background, which spans managerial and leadership roles in retail and hospitality services, consulting, and the diverse set of Portland General Electric experiences mentioned above.  He is as comfortable in the fast-paced retail and hospitality sectors as he is in the complex world of an electric utility.  Particularly useful is that his experience and expertise spans both all facets of the human resources profession (including management consulting; training design and methodologies; large system organizational change; employee recruiting and staffing; payroll; and workforce planning and development) and the day-to-day operations in which the policies and structures of human resources express themselves in the interactions among people through which the business accomplishes its purposes.  Also critical for business success in today’s world is Behzad’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of information technology, encompassing infrastructure, quality assurance, application development and support and emerging technologies.  His experience, expertise, and passion for excellence, developed and nurtured for over 20 years of active participation in the business world, have enabled his success in all manner of business transformation and change management situations.

Alongside business success, civic leadership and contribution have been a major part of Behzad’s life.  In addition to supporting the community through teaching, he has held Board position in several organizations, including SMART (Start Making a Reader Today), Junior Achievements and the Portland State Alumni Association.  Behzad graduated with a BA in Business Administration from Portland State University in 1996, following that degree with an MBA from the same institution just one year later, in 1997.