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Business Minor FAQ

Q: Can I complete the business minor in one year?
A: Yes, you would need to take two to three classes per term to do so.

Q: Am I required to complete the Business Minor in one year?
A: No, you can spread the seven classes over several years if you choose.

Q: What is the recommended order to take the Business Minor courses?
A: BA 101 and FIN 218 first, BA 316, BA 326, BA 336, BA 306, BA 346 last.

Q: Can I take BA 101 at the same time as the other Business Minor courses?
A: BA 101 is recommended as your first class. However, you can take BA 101 at the same time as any of the other Business Minor courses with the exception of BA 346.  BA 101 is a required pre-requisite for BA 346.

Q: Can I start the business minor at anytime in my college career?
A: Yes, any undergraduate student (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Post-baccalaureate) can begin the minor.  Graduate students can take the classes but can not be awarded the minor.

Q: Are any of the classes offered in Summer term?
A: BA 101 and FIN 218 are the only business minor classes offered in Summer.

Q: Are the business minor courses offered evenings?
A: We try to accommodate both day and evening students in the minor, which is not always possible. Our intention is to offer at least one evening section of each class every academic year. The School of Business publishes its course schedule online two terms in advance.  Please plan ahead if you have specific time constraints.

Q: Can business minor classes be taken P-NP?
A: No, all the business minor classes must be taken for a grade (they are only offered graded).

Q: What is the lowest passing grade for business minor classes?
A: A "D-" is the lowest grade you can receive and pass a business minor class.  However, you need a minimum of a 2.0 GPA in your business courses in order to receive the minor so you can not get D-'s in every class.

Q: Do I need to declare Business as my minor?
A: We strongly urge you to declare both your major and minor with the university.

Q: How do I declare my minor?
A: Use a "Student Information Change" form (found in the Neuberger Hall lobby). Turn the completed form into the registration windows in Neuberger Hall.

Q: Do I need to be admitted to the School of Business in order to do the Business Minor?
A: No, actually you can not receive the minor if you are admitted, all you need to do is pass the seven classes and list business as your minor on your application for graduation. 

Q: If I am a business major can these classes be taken as business electives?
A: No, these courses only count as university credit (not business credit) for business majors, which means they do not impact your business GPA and will not satisfy business electives.

Q: I was a business major but have now switched to another major, is it possible to be awarded the business minor using some of the classes I have already completed?
A: This is possible; it depends on the classes you have completed.  Speak with Becky Sanchez regarding this issue.

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