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Prospective Garden Events

A series of tea parties will be hosted in the Montgomery Lounge or community garden if the weather allows, in conjunction with the planting of a variety of herbs and a tea plant in the community space come spring. Information will be posted when dates have been decided.
A solar food dehydrator will be built and placed in the community garden or orchard for gardeners to dry out their organic foods in order to be kept longer or consumed as crunchy snacks instead. If interest is shown, a series of workshops or lectures as well as drying lessons (including yummy recipes!) will be held.
The Community Orchard put on by the Sustainability Leadership Center and our Community Garden will soon merge into one, removing the fence and allowing walkways and shared space across the two. Volunteer planters and workers are always welcome!

The current Community Garden Coordinator can be contacted at with any questions or comments concerning the garden. Also feel free to attend RHA general assembly meetings to meet the Executive Board in person.

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