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Community Garden

The community garden allows on-campus residents of University Housing and Residence Life to experience the joys of gardening. We are funded through the Residence Housing Association (RHA).

Community Garden Mission Statement

The Community Garden is a space designed to enhance the lives of residents in University Housing & Residence Life by providing an environment where residents can develop and participate in:

  • Community Building: Providing an environment that fuels community participation and encourages the visions and ideas of all its participants.
  • Learning & Growing Gardening Skills: Providing those of all skill levels the resources and opportunities to improve their knowledge of gardening in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Sustainable & Affordable Food Practices: Offering an organic garden space to give residents the opportunity to obtain local, sustainable, but also, affordable produce themselves.

 The Residence Hall Association (RHA) plans to facilitate this by:

  • Maintaining strong and clear communication with residents involved in the Community Garden
  • Offering one educational program per term
  • Holding at least 10 hours of Work Parties per term
  • Holding office hours individuals can attend to address questions or concerns.
  • Offering varied leadership roles through groups tasked with maintenance and direction of specific areas of Community Garden.

    About the Garden

    The RHA Community Garden is located on SW 12th and Montgomery, across the street from the Stephen Epler student housing. The garden was established in 2005 and since has enabled on-campus residents of University Housing and Residence Life to interact with the environment and establish a vibrant gardening community. The garden holds around 40 plots including many group plots, including the FYE Legacy Garden, University Honors Program, Environmental Club, FRINQ classes and SLC plots. For leisure, the garden has a small patio area with chairs, tables, and a picnic table. These make the garden a wonderful space for socialization; a feature enhanced by our barbecue, which is available for all plot holders to use. A tool shed contains all necessary gardening tools and gloves for potholders to access. The community garden is a wonderful place to learn both basic and advanced gardening techniques in a safe and supportive environment. The Community Garden Coordinator is constantly planning garden work parties and other events, as well as establishing a healthy gardening space and relationships amongst the gardeners. These parties are open to all students living in the residence halls whether they have a plot or not!  If you would like to attend a work party or learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact the coordinator at


    What does a garden plot look like?

    Each gardener is assigned a plot (typically 40 - 60 square feet). Group plots tend to be larger according to the size of the group.


    Who can get a plot?

    Any on-campus residents of University Housing and Residence Life. This means you are a resident of Ondine, Broadway, Epler, St. Helen's, King Albert, Montgomery, Blackstone, Blumel, Parkway, or Stratford.  We do have limited availability for FRINQ courses that are partnered with UHRL and a residence hall floor , student organizations, or departments that are partnered with RHA or University Housing and Residence Life.


    How do I get a plot?

    Plot assignment is ongoing! This means you can apply at any time during the year. To apply for a plot, please fill out this application.  If all plots are unavailable, you will be placed on a waiting list. 


    What can I put in my plot?

    Almost anything! We discourage gardeners from planting things that tend to spread out of control (such as blackberries, morning glory, mint or ivy). The garden is organic, so you can't use non-organic fertilizer, weed sprays, or other toxic chemicals.


    How do I contact the Garden Coordinator?

    The garden coordinator's email address is You are also encouraged to stop by the coordinators office hours which are listed here.