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Food Management Certificate Program

Food Management Certificate Program:

The PSU Food Industry Management Certificate is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the food retail industry. The FILC offers courses, programs, conferences, forums, seminars and internships to current industry managers as well as talented students interested in developing careers in food industry management.

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Certificate Requirements

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FILC Scholarships


The FILC scholarship is offered twice a year. Students have the opportunity to apply Fall and Winter of each year and money is dispersed for the following term! Applications are due beginning of November and March. Please watch your listserve emails for due dates.

One of the eligibility requirements of the scholarships' is enrollment in the Food Industry Certificate Program which targets a student's degree in business to the food industry. The certificate program will provide students with a competitive edge by providing opportunities to:

  • Become aware of the key competitive issues facing firms involved in the manufacturing,
  • distribution, and retailing of food and related consumer products.
  • Prepare themselves for management positions within the industry, combining your business option with food industry classes.
  • Work one-on-one with food faculty advisers.


The Network of Executive Women is opening doors for women to the consumer products and retail industry with new scholarships. These annual merit scholarships are awarded to outstanding college and university students in food, retail and consumer products-related programs in the United States by the industry's largest diversity action organization. The Network has contributed more than $100,000 in scholarships to date.

NEW invites all full-time female graduate students or undergraduate students (junior year or higher) who are U.S. citizens and enrolled in a retail, food or consumer packaged goods related program at a U.S. college or university to apply. You must have a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Download application at:

Due date: May 1st


Deadline: May 1

The Asparagus Club was founded in 1909 to generate a spirit of cooperation and fellowship among
members of the grocery industry. It has sought to unite all segments of the grocery industry – retailers,
wholesalers, manufacturers, and state and national trade association executives. Over the last 15 years,
the Asparagus Club has awarded more than $850,000 in scholarships.

The purpose of the Asparagus Club Scholarship Fund is to enhance the future of the grocery industry by investing in the education of needy and deserving young people who are pursuing a career in the grocery industry,
especially the independent community focused retail and wholesale sector. The scholarship award is to be used toward tuition and fees.

The grocery industry is the world's largest industry, employing three out of every ten people who work in
the United States. Become a part of this exciting and dynamic industry and enjoy a full and rewarding
career. Join the professionals in three major areas of food distribution: retailing, wholesaling, and processing/manufacturing. The wide selection of challenging career opportunities offered in the grocery
industry include supermarket management and ownership, convenience store management, advertising
and public relations, computer technology, food safety, consumer affairs, food plant management,
purchasing management, financial planning and traffic management.

Scholarship Application
The Asparagus Club Scholarships are up to $1,500 per semester ($3000 per year) for up to two years for
college sophomores and juniors and graduate students. A Scholarship Advisory Committee, composed
of the members of the Asparagus Club, recommend the winners in June of each year. All applicants are
notified of the results in early July. Checks will be mailed to each recipient's home and will be made
payable to the student and the college or university. Recipients are responsible for delivering the checks
to their college.

To maintain the scholarship, the recipient must continue to demonstrate his or her scholastic achievement
by earning a minimum 2.5 grade point average (GPA) each semester/quarter. The recipient must also
demonstrate good character. At the end of each semester/quarter, the recipient will provide the

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FILC Scholarships


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The FILC Student listserv is an email based information system where prospective and current FILC students will be notified of course information, current events, FILC sponsored programs, and various other events. Subscribing to the listserv is a great way to learn about what the FILC has to offer.


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