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Proposals, FY14, Q2

PI Project Title College Sponsor Amount
Abramson, Jonathan; Co-PI:  Strongin, Robert Development of Novel Compounds for Treatment of Arrhythmlas in CPVT CLAS Elex Biotech  $565,376
Allen, Jennifer SEES Fellows (Mueller, Jocelyn):  The Contribution of Urban Foodscapes to Socio-ecological Resilience OTHER National Science Foundation  $479,301
Amali, Said Digital Preservation of Middle East's Historical Manuscripts SSW Qatar University/Qatar National Research Fund  $471,481
Anderson, Shelby Collaborative Research:  1500 years of archaeology & paleoecology on the Selawik & Buckland Rivers CLAS National Science Foundation  $484,845
Anderson, Shelby Collaborative Research:  People, landscape & narrative in time - Birmirk and later cultural development in Northern Seward Penninsula CLAS National Science Foundation  $200,000
Anderson, Timothy Footwear Recommender MCECS Nike  $19,966
Anderson, Timothy Sensor App-Capstone MCECS Nike  $5,299
Ballhorn, Daniel Collaborative Research:  Epigenetic Mechanisms of Heritable Adaptation to Stress in Plants CLAS National Science Foundation  $668,446
Ballhorn, Daniel Food plant quality as a critical factor determining the success of actions to conserve the highly endangered greater bamboo lemur CLAS Morris Animal Foundation  $123,797
Baney, William SSP TANF Family Stability and Employment Initiatives Training Pilot SSW Oregon Department of Human Services  $348,574
Baney, William Washington State Recovery Youth Service SAT-ED Program SSW Department of Social and Health Service Integration  $101,624
Bank, Lewis; Co-PI: Lee, Junghee Strong and Healthy Immigrant Children (SHIC) and Families SSW National Institutes of Health  $1,764,095
Barsanti, Kelley Synthesis of Comprehensive Emissions Measurements and Multi-scale Modeling for Understanding Secondary Organic Aerosole Chemistry in Wildland Smoke Plumes MCECS Joint Fire Science Program  $435,314
Barsanti, Kelley; Pankow, James Constraining organic aerosole sources in the Southeast US:  Field data analysis and process-level modeling MCECS National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  $270,224
Bass, Robert Aggregated Residential Battery Energy Storage Systems - Phases I & II MCECS Portland General Electric  $5,868
Becker, William Assessment in Research for the Portland Metro STEM Partnership CLAS Hillsboro School Foundation  $14,250
Bertini, Robert Preparing a Possible Oregon Road Map for Connect Vehicle/Cooperative Systems Deployment Scenarios MCECS Oregon Department of Transportation  $150,000
Bertini, Robert Preparing a Possible Oregon Road Map for Connect Vehicle/Cooperative Systems Deployment Scenarios MCECS Oregon Department of Transportation  $150,000
Bleiler, Steven Bringing Direct Calculation of Uncertainty, Sensitivity, and Risk into SAGE & R CLAS National Science Foundation  $325,187
Bodegom, Erik The effect of the potential well size on the performance of digital imagers CLAS M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust  $15,000
Booth, Adam Collaborative Research: Mantle to watershed to flora: Coupling surface  and deep Earth processes to decipher the evolution of the Cascadia-Mendocino Triple Junction margin CLAS National Science Foundation  $268,785
Bright, Anita Math Screener Project GSE Center for Applied Linguistics  $199,506
Brown, Kim Effects of Environmental Estrogens on Mitochondrial DNA Heteroplasmy CLAS National Institutes of Health  $395,024
Brown, Kim NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program: Alicia Chivers CLAS National Science Foundation  $132,000
Bullock, David Oregon Military Museum Library Internship GSE Oregon Military Department/US Department of Defense  $15,000
Bulusu, Nirupama Collaborative Research:  II-New:  Infrastructure Support for Research and Education in RF Ambient Backscatter Networks MCECS National Science Foundation  $51,689
Butler, Virginia Archeology Roadshow, 2014-2015, Portland, OR CLAS Oregon Heritage Commission  $11,854
Cahn, Katharine Nak Nu Wit Workforce Development Partnership SSW Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board  $138,658
Cal Santiago, Raul, B Collaborative Research - Harnessing the wind: Power output shaping for VAWT arrays using
reduced order models of the flow field
MCECS National Science Foundation  $269,554
Carder, Paula Oregon Integrated Housing/Services Initiative CUPA Cedar Sinai Park  $49,615
Carey, Christopher Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the Portland Metro Area CUPA Oregon Department of Human Services  $10,033
Chaille, Christine; Narode, Ronald SySTEMic Learning and Pedagogical Content Knowledge (STEM PCK) GSE Educational Service District 112  $29,939
Cummings, Michael STEM Professional Development in Rural Eastern Oregon CLAS US Department of Education  $70,000
Cummings, Michael SySTEMic Learning and Pedagogical Content Knowledge (STEM PCK) CLAS Educational Service District 112  $30,846
Curtis, Renee Metro Fork it Over Program and Website CUPA Metro  $67,500
Daescu, Dacian 2014 Pacific Northwest Numerical Analysis Seminar CLAS National Science Foundation  $2,596
Daim, Tugrul NW Energy Efficiency Technology Roadmap MCECS Bonneville Power Administration  $246,266
Davidson, Ian Assessment of Biofouling Threats to Puget Sound CLAS Washington State Dept of Fish & Wildlife & Natural Resources  $2,000
Deardorff, Pam Enhanced Rate Program CLAS Oregon Department of Human Services  $85,500
DeRivera, Catherine Biodiversity Corridors CLAS Metro  $13,750
DeRivera, Catherine Cascades to Coast GK-12 (PSU) International Research &
Teaching: Marine Biological Invasions across Bioregions
CLAS National Science Foundation  $30,049
DeRivera, Catherine Ecosystem Services of Salt Marshes CLAS M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust  $5,250
Dill, Jennifer Multiday GPS Travel Behavior Data for Travel Analysis OTHER Resource Systems Group  $31,953
Duffield, Deborah Restoring Comprehensive Response for the Northern Oregon/Southern Washington Marine Mammal Stranding Program CLAS National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Dusicka, Peter Impact of Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake on the Seismic Evaluation Criteria of Bridges MCECS Oregon Department of Transportation  $191,793
Elliott, Debra ODOT Studded Tire Usage Survey OTHER Oregon Department of Transportation  $72,061
Elliott, Debra School Health Profiles Survey 2014 OTHER Oregon Health Authority  $35,210
Farquhar, Stephanie Addressing Aggravating Factors of Pediatric Asthma in a Rural Environment CUPA University of Washington  $67,266
Figliozzi, Miguel Evaluating the Use of Crowdsourcing as a Data Collection Method for Bicycle Performance Measures and Identification of Facility Improvement Needs MCECS Oregon Department of Transportation  $174,350
Frank, Lauren Transforming Cancer Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior Through Narrative Adult Women between the Ages of 25 and 45 Years of Age.  CLAS University of Southern California  $10,331
Fritz, Charlotte The Effects of Work Experiences on the Occupational Safety, Health, and Well-being of Wildland Firefighters CLAS Bureau of Land Management  $25,000
Gaines, Eleanor OPRD Western Snowy Plover Management and Nest Protection 2013 CLAS Oregon Parks and Recreation Department  $25,000
Gamburd, Michele Processing/Cataloging Museum Archaeological Materials and Hosting a Public Archaeology Field School at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site CLAS National Park Service  $40,726
Gelmon, Sherril Evaluation of Health Information Exchange (HIE) Services in Oregon CUPA Oregon Health Authority  $50,000
Gilley, Bruce National Ownership and Resilience: What Do They Mean For Democracy and Good Governance? CUPA Institute of International Education  $72,177
Glover, Melinda Meiji and Modernity: From History to Theory CLAS Association for Asian Studies  $950
Goforth, Andrea Identifying and Controlling Radiative and Non-Radiative Pathways in  Luminescent Silicon Nanoparticles: Comparative Synthesis and Comprehensive Multi-level Characterization CLAS National Science Foundation  $753,678
Gonzales, Kelly Perceived Experience of Discrimination in Health Care for American Indian Women in an Urban Setting. CUPA Ruth Landes Memorial Research Fund  $47,100
Gopalakrishnan, Jay; Jiang, Bin; Ovall, Jeffery 2014 Pacific Northwest Numerical Analysis Seminar CLAS National Science Foundation  $2,596
Gordon, Sean Watershed Assessment Model Development for the Interagency AREMP OTHER Bureau of Land Management  $147,024
Granek, Elise Emerging Contaminants in Oregon Estuaries - Undergraduate Researcher Projects CLAS Oregon University System/Oregon Community Foundation  $6,000
Green, Beth ACF: Healthy Start Effectiveness Study SSW NPC Research, Inc.  $51,850
Hammer, Leslie Development of an Intervention to Reduce Workplace Violence in Healthcare Settings CLAS Washington State Department of Labor and Industry  $2,904
Harkema, Peter Malheur National Wildife Refuge CCP CUPA US Fish & Wildlife Service  $12,001
Holz, Andres; Strecker, Angela Complex Interactions between human and natural systems - influences of landscape-scale forest fires on water quantity and quality in the Pacific Northwest CLAS Bureau of Land Management  $218,001
Hugo, Richard STEM Professional Development in Rural Eastern Oregon CLAS US Department of Education  $70,000
Huguet, Nathalie Economic Contraction and Alcohol-related Suicides: A Multilevel Analysis CUPA University of California, Los Angeles  $214,451
Izumi, Betty Harvest for Healthy Kids Dissemination CUPA Kaiser Permanente  $39,939
Jay, David Armstrong World Industries Hydrodynamic Modeling, AMENDMENT 5 MCECS Oregon Department of Environmental Quality  $12,000
Jay, David; Co-PIs: Moradkhani, Hamid; Strecker, Angela; Liu, Jenny Hsing-I; Talke, Stefan; Zapata, Marisa; Nielsen, Eric; Christy, John  CNH: Transformation of the Lower Columbia River Estuary (1860-2060)  Dynamic Interactions between Natural and Human Systems MCECS; CLAS, CUPA National Science Foundation  $1,499,968
Jetter, Antonie; Gray, Steven; Ellsworth, Lisa Policy Scenarios for fire-adapted communities: understanding stakeholder risk- perceptions by measuring mental models, using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps MCECS Bureau of Land Management  $181,093
Jiao, Jun Graphene-TiO2-Based Multicomponent Photocatalysts and Their Synergetic Effects on Visible-Light Absorption MCECS National Science Foundation  $448,701
Jiao, Jun Stress Field Mapping of Copper Interconnect Using Transmission Electron Microscope  MCECS On Semiconductor  $40,000
Johnson, Gwynn Sustainable Fuels:  Shifting Waste to Product Demonstration Plan MCECS Clackamas County Water Environment Services  $17,633
Jones, Bill 10kw, 40kWh IFB Energy Storage System Field Trial SBA Oregon BEST  $150,000
Jurjevich, Jason County-Level Population Forecasts for Oregon CUPA Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development  $440,715
Kaplan, Mark IPA to PDX VA for Veteran Interactions with VA Primary Care Prior to Suicide Project CUPA Portland VA  $14,567
Kelly, Maura Performance Measurement for Highway Construction Workforce Development Program CLAS Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry  $155,441
Koenenkamp, Rolf Ehanced Optical Fields Studied in Photoemission Electron Microscopy CLAS National Science Foundation  $369,149
La Rosa, Andres Monitoring the dynamics of confined mesoscopic fluids with phase-locked-loop acoustic sensing CLAS National Science Foundation  $346,906
Lafrenz, Martin Biodiversity Corridors CLAS Metro  $11,250
Lafrenz, Martin Ecosystem Services of Salt Marshes CLAS M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust  $9,750
Larsen, Sean Progressing Through Calculus CLAS Mathematical Association of America  $587,510
Leung, Pui New Directions in Optical Research:  Plasmonics with Metallic Nanoparticles and Metamaterials CLAS M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust  $15,000
Lowrey, Marty Intimate Partner Violence Training SSW Oregon Department of Justice  $66,518
Lowrey, Marty Working with Relatives of Dependent Children SSW Oregon Department of Human Services  $2,000
Luiz, Jessamyn Support for Oregon Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Volunteer Programs OTHER Oregon Housing and Community Services  $100,561
Mackiewicz, Marilyn Site Directed Nanoparticle-based Theranostics for Cancer Treatment CLAS American Cancer Society  $ -  
Makler, Jon Integrating Goods and Services Movement by Commercial Vehicles in Smart Growth Environments OTHER University of South Florida  $80,000
Makler, Jon Smart, Shared and Social: Enhancing All-Hazards Recovery Plans with Demand Management Technologies OTHER US Department of Transportation  $990,496
Mashburn, Andrew Evaluation of the impacts and implementation of the WINGS for kids social and emotional learning afterschool program CLAS University of Virginia  $137,936
Masta, Susan NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program:  Brandi Welch CLAS National Science Foundation  $132,000
McClintock, Nathan Short Course/Research Project:  Comparing Urban Agriculture Planning and Policymaking in Montreal and Portland CUPA Government of Quebec  $30,000
Meekisho, Lemmy Modeling of Mechanical Property Shifts Resulting from Flattening of Ring Samples of Steel Pipes MCECS EVRAZ North America  $50,000
Monsere, Christopher Bluetooth Travel Time Testing MCECS Oregon Department of Transportation  $5,788
Moradkhani, Hamid Towards an Enhanced Probabilistic National Drought Forecasting MCECS National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  $492,054
Neal, Margaret Evaluation of AARP Age Friendly Communities Program and Development of Livability Index CUPA American Association of Retired Persons  $17,519
Nguyen, Mau Nam Variational Analysis of Optimal Value Functions and Applications to Nonsmooth Optimization CLAS National Science Foundation  $118,419
Nicolaidis, Christine Supplement: A Cohort Study of Preterm Delivery in Relation to Partner Abuse, Mood, and Anxiety Disorders SSW Harvard University/National Institutes of Health  $10,222
Nielsen-Pincus, Max Adapting to Wildfire: Defining Pathways for Creating Fire Adapted Communities CLAS Washington State University  $106,484
Nielsen-Pincus, Max CNH:  Toward a theory of adaptive capacity in coupled human and natural systems:  Land and water tenure, learning and self-organization in the face of disturbance CLAS National Science Foundation  $1,499,874
Ovall, Jeffrey Investigation of Auxiliary Subspace Techniques as a General Tool for A Posteriori Error Estimation CLAS National Science Foundation  $143,861
Parra, Jeremy; Rueter, John Supporting Innovative Approaches to environmental problems through the crating of information capital that is targeted for use by natural resource entrepreneurs CLAS National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance  $24,264
Perona, John Enhancing safety of live Salmonella vaccines via synthetic biology CLAS National Institutes of Health  $382,210
Perona, John Functional evolution of class I aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases CLAS National Institutes of Health  $1,441,561
Perona, John Sulfur Trafficking in Methanogens CLAS National Science Foundation  $984,403
Podrabsky, Jason DISSERTATION RESEARCH: Epigenetic regulation of alternative developmental trajectories in embryos of an annual killifish CLAS National Science Foundation  $18,829
Rad, Farrokh Strength of Wood Specimens MCECS City of Portland  $1,642
Raghavan, Rahul A horizontally acquired tRNA enhances Coxiella burnetii infection of macrophages CLAS National Institutes of Health  $440,076
Richardson, Dawn; Co-PI: Crespo, Carlos Portland Bridges to Baccalaureate CUPA National Institutes of Health  $1,580,074
Richardson, Susan Reclaiming Futures North Carolina Spread SSW North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention  $44,984
Rissi, Jill Acheiving the Triple Aim in Medicaid:  Evaluating the Access, Quality, Health and Cost Impacts of Coordinated Care Organizations in Oregon CUPA Oregon Health Policy and Research/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation  $332,310
Rissi, Jill Health Engagement Model Comprehensive Evaluation Proposal (2013-2014) CUPA Oregon Health Policy and Research  $214,549
Ruzicka, Alex The Origin of Large, Igneous-textured Inclusions in Ordinary Chondrites CLAS National Aeronautics and Space Administration  $5,000
Scheller, Robert Outcomes Prioritization on Fuel Treatment Placement in Extreme Fire Weather witin three CFLRP landscapes Across the U.S. CLAS USDA Forest Service  $124,876
Scheller, Robert Process-Based Carbon Trajectories on the Great Lakes Social-Ecological Gradient (GLaSEG) MCECS University of Michigan  $297,947
Schmidt, MaryAnn Gales Creek Project CLAS Tualatin River Watershed Council/US Bureau of Reclamation  $5,000
Schmidt, MaryAnn Student Watershed Research Project (SWRP) CLAS East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District  $1,500
Shelton, Rollin Community Integration Specialists for Recovery Outcomes (CISRO Project) SSW Oregon Health Authority  $169,611
Simoyi, Reuben Mechanisms of Thiols and Thiocarbamides Activities in the Physiological Environment
CLAS National Science Foundation  $562,758
Singer, Jeffrey P60/Katanin Regulation By The Cul3/Klhdc5 E3 Ligase in Mitosis and Neurogenesis CLAS National Science Foundation  $548,271
Singer, Laurel Renewable Energy Partnership Collaboration and Facilitation  CUPA Bureau of Land Management  $25,000
Strongin, Robert Collaborative Research: Sensing of Pyrophosphate: Paradigm Change in Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) CLAS Bowling Green University  $240,000
Strongin, Robert PNW Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation CLAS University of Washington  $543,374
Stuart, David Direct Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions with Hypervalent Iodine Reagents: Redefining Formal SNAr Reactivity with Carbon Nuclephites CLAS American Chemical Society  $110,000
Sytsma, Mark Aquatic Weed EDRR (2014) CLAS Oregon State Weed Board  $48,452
Sytsma, Mark Fellowship - A new approach for managing Nutria (Myocaster coypu) populations CLAS Society for Conservation Biology  $212,100
Sytsma, Mark Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement - Robyn Draheim CLAS US Fish & Wildlife Service  $47,915
Sytsma, Mark Micro-evolutionary processes in less than a century of allopatric separation:  examining morphological, behavioral, and pheromone differences between two separate invasive populations of nutria (Myocastor Coypus) CLAS Haifa University  $115,114
Thomas, Evan CellPump Seed Grant MCECS University of California-Berkeley  $69,144
Thomas, Evan Sensor Reactivity Project Grant MCECS University of California-Berkeley  $109,904
Thomas, Evan Verification of Sanitation outcomes in Bangladesh MCECS Emory University  $10,001
Wakeland, Wayne Dynamic Model Initiative CLAS Brain Trauma Foundation/US Department of Defense  $91,119
Walker, Janet Amplify My Plan (AMP) SSW Technical Assistance Collaborative/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration  $70,354
White, Diana ADRC Consumer Satisfaction Survey: Round 3 CUPA Oregon Department of Human Services  $33,036
White, Diana Evaluation of Lift UP Healthy Aging Project CUPA Lift Urban Portland  $4,385
Widenhorn, Ralf Interpreting activation energies CLAS M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust  $15,000
Williams, Dilafruz Science in the Learning Gardens:  Factors that Support Racial and Ethnic Minority Students' Success in Low-income Middle Schools GSE National Science Foundation  $450,000
Wood, William Aluminum deformation study OTHER    $24,000
Wood, William Electroswag welding development phase 2 OTHER Boeing  $120,086
Woods, Mark Unraveling the intertwined behavior of metal hydration and coordination chemistry in MRI contrast agents CLAS National Science Foundation  $492,368
Zelick, Randy DISSERTATION RESEARCH Jodi Gronborg:  Acoustic Differentiation of Northern Red-Legged Frog Populations  CLAS National Science Foundation  $19,251