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Portland General Electric Partnership

PSU and PGE are working together on research, economic development, community projects, and professional training, in Urban Mobility and the Integration of Energy and Sustainable Design, to support a strong and vibrant regional economy. View the presentation to the Presidents of PGE and PSU

Urban Mobility

The Portland metro region is positioned to be the leading U.S. launch market for electric vehicles (EV). PSU and PGE have been working together on planning for deployment of electric vehicles (EV) through the EV Road Map conference series and other events convening industry, government and academic leaders.

With the creation of Electric Avenue, PGE and PSU teamed with the City of Portland to build the nations first EV charging station showcase and research platform. Read about Electric Avenue

Integration of Energy and Sustainable Design

A sustainable built environment requires innovations in how we design and power urban areas. PSU and PGE are  working together on issues such as creating and implementing “smart grid” technologies. With financial and technical support from PGE, PSU has offered a two-term course, “Planning the Smart Grid for Sustainable Communities,” through the Hatfield School of Government in 2009 and again in 2010, bringing together graduate students and professionals to better understand the challenges related to creating a smart grid.

PGE has also contributed to a National Science Foundation-funded project at PSU, studying how solar panels and green roofs can be installed together on buildings to improve energy generation and efficiency. Additionally, the PGE Foundation committed $50,000 over two years to establish the PGE Foundation Renewable Energy Research Laboratory, located in PSU's new Science Research and Teaching Center.

PSU and PGE will continue to study the connections between energy and sustainable design, while also creating test sites for these technologies, through ecodistricts, the Oregon Sustainability Center, and other locations. Read more about the PGE Smart Power Project.

PGE Foundation Power Engineering Education Laboratory

Research within power engineering lab pertains to electrical power systems, particularly distributed & renewable assets and the overlaying smart grid technologies that link them together.  Current and past projects include analyzing AMI data to evaluate the efficacy of utility-sponsored mini-split heat pump installations; evaluation of power quality at PSU’s “Electric Avenue” EV charging stations; development of LCOE metrics for energy storage systems; optimization of heat pumps coupled with a thermal mass for residential demand response programs; development of a SQP optimization algorithm for multi-unit hydropower powerhouses; and, aggregation and analysis of synchrophasor data from distribution feeder circuits.   The lab is also investigating the design of antenna-coupled cryotrons - superconducting power switches controlled via GHz RF radiation.