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Joint Faculty and Research


When OHSU's Advanced Imaging Research Center needed a chemist to develop the next generation of contrast agents two years ago, it asked PSU’s chemists for help with hiring. In interviews, the top candidates said they wanted to be affiliated with PSU's chemistry department with access to graduate students and research colleagues, as well as access to OHSU’s state-of-the-art imaging facility. PSU saw an opportunity to fill its need for an inorganic chemistry professor and researcher. The two institutions pooled their resources and worked together to create a joint appointment with a competitive salary and start-up package. The professor now divides his time between OHSU and PSU and is considered a vibrant and productive faculty member who makes significant contributions to both institutions.

There were many administrative hurdles to this appointment, however. A strategic alliance will smooth the path to joint appointments and encourage more departments to initiate them. For instance, PSU’s Chemistry Department plans to relocate to the OUS/OHSU Collaborative Life Sciences Building, where the faculty hopes to create more joint appointments with OHSU. Other possible areas of partnership expansion include parasitology, cancer, toxicity, and biomedical engineering.