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PSU's IIP Mission

Our mission is to promote the use and increase the impact of PSU innovations through the tool of intellectual property.

We fulfill our mission by:

  • Working with faculty and students and their research and project teams to explore ways of increasing the impact of their research results or ongoing projects. We love to talk with faculty and project teams to answer the question, "What can the tool of IP do for you?"
  • Managing intellectual property rights for research results and ongoing projects that result in university owned intellectual property.
  • Working with external partners, organizations and companies both here and around the world, to develop mutually beneficial relationships around the use of PSU innovation for public benefit.
  • Negotiating and managing agreements touching on innovation promotion and intellectual property activities.


Working with faculty and students

Together with faculty and their research groups, we develop project and IP development plans with the goal of seeing their innovations in action. These plans can lay out both the help that IIP can give and directions for the project. The eventual link to using intellectual property to increase impact can take the form of ‘free use’ licenses to research and testing partners, helping set and disseminate standards for a project, putting innovators in touch with local and regional resources, and all the way to commercialization licenses with existing companies and facilitating faculty start-up companies.

Managing intellectual property rights

Managing the process of obtaining a patent is a tremendous amount of work, and we take on much of the cost and time of doing this for faculty generated innovation. Similarly, we manage university owned copyrights stemming from research projects and other efforts, and clear and aggregate copyright titles to PSU innovations.

Working with external partners

Relationships with external partners can involve research connections and exchange of materials, feedback for projects and research results, and of course external development and commercialisation of innovations. IIP often serves as the interface with local and international companies seeking to use or develop PSU innovations, and we endeavor to provide responsive, proactive, and company-friendly communication and service. Other external partners may include non-profits, state and federal agencies, foundations, and other universities. When possible, we develop these relationships hand in hand with PSU’s economic development agenda, and we work closely with Strategic Partnerships to coordinate activities and relationships.

Negotiating and managing agreements

A large number of contracts and agreements may be necessary for achieving the University's goals around innovation promotion and use. IIP handles all PSU license agreements, material transfer agreements, and legal documents necessary to obtain patents and register copyrights and research related trademarks. We also handle many collaboration agreements and memorandums of understanding related to research and intellectual property, as well as aiding with industry sponsored research agreements.