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Express License Programs


Developed by PSU faculty innovators and managed by the office of Innovation & Intellectual Property, the following are technologies, platforms, and materials available for license. After submitting a form, an IIP staff member will contact you by email.

Guilty Except for Insanity

Directed by Dr. Jan Haaken, Guilty Except for Insanity is a documentary film with accompanying educational materials intended for institutional use. The film recounts the stories of real patients who enter the Oergon State Hospital, location of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, for the "criminally insane." Their stories reveal the craziness of an American System where one must commit a crime to receive psychiatric help. The documentary probes this maddening world and uncovers deeper psychological truths about the human need for care and connection, as well as for freedom. (85 minutes)

The Learner Web

Developed by Dr. Stephen Reder, the Learner Web is a Web-based customizable educational software that helps adults learn how to use the Internet and accomplish their educational goals. To date, over 25,000 adult learners have accessed the Learner Web.

Endangered Species Database

Oregon's most comprehensive database of rare, threatened and endangered species is maintained by ORBIC. This database includes site-specific information on the occurrences, biology, and status of over 2,000 species throughout Oregon. It includes the state's only database of natural vegetation, with descriptions and information on the occurrences and protected locations of all known ecosystem types. As a part of the Natural Heritage Network overseen by Natureserve, ORBIC is able to share this data nationally.

Oregon Lakes Bathymetric Maps

There are over 150 lakes and reservoirs in Oregon. These bodies of water support a wide range of biodiversity and serve the needs of urban and rural populations as well as the state's agricultural and hydroelectric needs. Portland State University makes available datasets containing the detailed bathymetry of the majority of Oregon's lakes.