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Entrepreneurship at PSU

PSU Business Accelerator

The PSU Business Accelerator is an entrepreneurial community like none other in Oregon. Home to more than 30 promising technology and science startups, including spinouts from all major Oregon research universities, the Accelerator provides office and lab space plus a menu of services designed with the fast-growing startup's needs in in mind.

Innovation & Intellectual Property

The Innovation & Intellectual Property office at PSU promotes the use and increases the impact of PSU innovations through the tool of intellectual property. They aid the success and external distribution of research projects from a wide range of PSU departments and disciplines, from engineering and chemistry to linguistics and environmental science.

Social Innovation Incubator (SII)

The SII helps start-up and entrepreneurial companies that are focused on creating innovations that benefit the environment and humanity by addressing significant and persistent social problems such as poverty, inequality, access to food and water, among many others. A virtual incubator, the SII partners with its members, accelerating and strengthening their impact through customized advising, mentoring and access to our networks of experts, funders and social entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club)

There are a number of clubs and organizations for student entrepreneurs. Click here to learn more.

Open to all students from all disciplines, the E-Club brings speakers, programs, connections, and community to aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, and those interested in the start-up scene. The E-Club Weekly Newsletter provides valuable information on what's happening on and off campus around entrepreneurship and innovation. There's no cost to join. Email to join or learn more!

Innovation Program

Have an idea but need some funding to create a prototype? The Innovation Program through the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science (MCECS) offers grants worth up to $1,000 to teams of student innovators with at least one MCECS student. Applicants must submit a written proposal and then pitch their idea to a panel. For details, visit

Business Outreach Program (BOP)

The Business Outreach Program provides technical assistance and business consulting services to locally owned, small businesses, with a focus on emerging, minority, and women-owned enterprises. The BOP was created in 1994 to meet the needs of small businesses by assisting entrepreneurs in improving their profitability and survivability, while at the same time, allowing PSU students to engage in community-based learning with first-hand business consulting experience.

Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnology Institute (ONAMI)

As Oregon's first Signature Research Center, ONAMI is a deep collaboration among Oregon universities, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, industry, and the investment community that accelerates research and commercialization of materials science and related device and system technologies in Oregon. Since 2004, awards to ONAMI research members have grown four-fold, the number of companies using their NanoNet facilities have grown three-fold, and companies in their gap fund portfolio have raised over $102M in leveraged funds.

Oregon Translational Research and Development Institute (OTRADI)

OTRADI is an Oregon Signature Research Center that facilitates scientific collaboration and the commercialization of new bioscience discoveries. With an emphasis on industry growth and job creation in Oregon, OTRADI works with private and public entities in the bioscience sector to discover, develop and commercialize pharmaceutical drugs, diagnostics, medical devices and products using its equipment and expertise.

Oregon Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies Center (BEST)

An independent, nonprofit established by the Oregon Legislature, Oregon BEST builds on Oregon’s reputation as an international leader in cleantech innovation. They connect Oregon companies, universities, and students to industry, entrepreneurs, and investors through shared-user lab facilities, a Sustainable Built Environment Research Consortium, a Commercialization Program, and a Proposal Matching Program. Oregon BEST helps attract research dollars to Oregon universities by strategically investing in key research projects and facilities that can attract additional research revenue and create economic impact.