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Awards, FY14, Q2

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New Awards

Baney, William SSP TANF Family Stability and Employment Initiatives Training Pilot SSW Oregon Department of Human Services $348,573
Baney, William Washington State Recovery Youth Service SAT-ED Program SSW Department of Social and Health Services $101,625
Bass, Robert Aggregated Residential Battery Energy Storage Systems MCECS Portland General Electric $5,868
Becker, William Assessment in Research for the Portland Metro STEM Partnership CLAS Hillsboro School Foundation $14,250
Bertini, Robert Preparing a Possible Oregon Road Map for Connected Vehicle Deployment Scenarios MCECS Oregon Department of Transportation $145,000
Blakeslee, Jennifer Evaluation of Permanency Initiatives SSW Boys and Girls Aid $8,789
Cahn, Katharine Nak Nu Wit Workforce Development Partnership SSW Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board $138,658
Chen, Roger Designing Choice Experiments for Evaluating Housing and Transportation Choices MCECS Metro $15,000
Crum, Eric Plastic Bag Ban Outreach - Food Carts CUPA City of Portland $5,424
Crum, Eric Portland Building Waste Assessment CUPA City of Portland $1,725
Delos Reyes, Jennifer Open Engagement 2013 COTA Regional Arts and Culture Council $4,000
Dill, Jennifer; Co-PI: Haugedorn, Hau Transforming the Transportation Profession to Create Bikeable & Walkable Cities OTHER Summit Foundation $105,341
Dusicka, Peter Impact of Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake on the Seismic Evaluation Criteria of Bridges MCECS Oregon Department of Transportation $191,793
Elliott, Debra School Health Profiles Survey 2014 OTHER Oregon Health Authority $35,210
Elliott, Debra Studded Tire Survey OTHER Oregon Department of Transportation $72,100
Estes, Suzanne Mitonuclear Interaction and the Genetic Architecture of Phenotypic Evolution CLAS National Science Foundation $178,990
Figliozzi, Miguel Evaluating the Use of Crowdsourcing as a Data Collection Method for Bicycle Performance Measures and Identification of Facility Improvement Needs MCECS Oregon Department of Transportation $174,350
Fish, William Particle Size Determinations for Treated Samples MCECS Jensen Precast, Inc. $1,559
Frank, Lauren Transforming Cancer Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior Through Narrative  CLAS University of Southern California $10,331
Fritz, Charlotte Family-supportive Supervisor Behavior Training in Correction Personnel CLAS Oregon Health and Science University $50,000
Gallup, John Luke Quantification of the Economic Costs Resulting from the Lack of Bolivia's Sovereign Access to the Pacific Ocean CLAS Dirrecion Estrategica De Reivindicacion Maritima - DIREMAR $100,497
Glover, Melinda Meiji and Modernity: From History to Theory CLAS Association for Asian Studies $950
Green, Beth Integrated Trauma Care Services Evaluation SSW LifeWorks NW $75,684
Green, Beth TQRIS Validation Study SSW Oregon State University $231,304
Greenwood, Steve Moist Mixed Forest Science Policy Workshop for Eastern Oregon CUPA USDA Forest Service $12,000
Izumi, Betty Harvest for Healthy Kids Dissemination Program CUPA Kaiser Permanente $39,939
Jones, Bill 10kw, 40kWh IFB Energy Storage System Field Trial SBA Oregon BEST $150,000
Jurjevich, Jason Oregon County-level and Coordinated County-City Population Forecasts CUPA Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development $440,716
Meekisho, Lemmy Modeling of Mechanical Property Shifts Resulting from Flattening of Ring Samples of Steel Pipes MCECS EVRAZ North America $25,000
Moradkhani, Hamid Portland State Climate Change Streamflow Dataset MCECS Bonneville Power Administration $316,769
Moradkhani, Hamid Integrating Data Assimilation and Multi-modeling Within CHPS for Improved Seasonal Drought Predication MCECS National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration $17,500
Nielsen-Pincus, Max Understanding the Roles of Socioeconomic Vulnerability, Adaptive Capacity, and Mitigation in Determining Economic Impacts of Wildfire CLAS University of Oregon $2,728
Nordback, Krista WSDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Miles of Travel - Phases I & II OTHER Washington State Dept of Transportation $30,000
Pan, Yangdong Klamath River Long-term Periphyton Community Characterization CLAS Kier Associates $16,735
Recktenwald, Gerald JIAC IAM2 Project: PSU New Product Development (Applied Engineering Internship Cohort) MCECS Columbia River Economic Development Council $39,954
Schmidt, MaryAnn Student Watershed Research Project (SWRP) CLAS East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District $1,500
Schmidt, MaryAnn Using Beaver for Climate Change and Conservation Benefits – The State-of-the-Science and Workshop Dissemination for Assessing the Stream Restoration Potential of Beaver CLAS North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative $43,001
Shattuck, Aimee MLK Day of Service OTHER Oregon Campus Compact $1,000
Wakeland, Wayne Dynamic Model Initiative CLAS Brain Trauma Foundation $91,119
White, Diana Evaluation of Lift UP Healthy Aging Project CUPA Lift Urban Portland $4,403
Wood, William Aluminum Deformation Study OTHER Honeywell Aerospace $24,000
Wood, William Assessment of Stress Distribution in Steel Castings OTHER ESCO Corporation $25,000
Wood, William Electroswag Welding Development Phase 2 OTHER Boeing $120,086

Amendments to Existing Awards

Cellarius, Karen Cascadia/Outside In SAMHSA PBHCI Evaluation SSW Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. $60,000
Creutzburg, Megan Climate, Land Management and Future Wildlife Habitat in the Pacific Northwest CLAS Oregon State University $29,662
Curtis, Renee Sustainability:  Promoting Sustainable Decision Making in Informal Education CUPA Oregon Museum of Science and Innovation $46,715
Daim, Tugrul Applying Technology Forecasting Methods and Bass Diffusion Model MCECS Energy Trust of Oregon $29,763
Daim, Tugrul Northwest Energy Efficiency Technology Roadmap MCECS Bonneville Power Administration $246,266
Damon, Lara Economic Opportunity Initiative-MicroEnterprise Project SBA Portland Development Commission $105,537
Friesen, Barbara Preventing Delinquency in AI/AN Youth Project Evaluation SSW National Indian Child Welfare Association $43,587
Gil-Kashiwabara, Eleanor Nak-Nu-Wit (Systems of Care) SSW Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board $199,967
Gil-Kashiwabara, Eleanor Siletz Tribe Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program SSW Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians $95,000
Gil-Kashiwabara, Eleanor Yellowhawk Maternal Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program SSW Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center $72,000
Green, Beth ACF:  Health Start Effectiveness Study SSW NPC Research, Inc. $51,850
Hammer, Leslie Development of an Intervention to Reduce Workplace Violence in Healthcare Settings CLAS Washington State Department of Labor and Industry $2,904
Janda, Joseph OHSU/PSU Commercialization Grant Pilot Program OTHER Portland Development Commission $90,000
Jay, David Armstrong World Industries Hydrodynamic Modeling MCECS Oregon Department of Environmental Quality $12,000
Keller, Tom Evaluation of Mentoring Enhancement Demonstration Projects OTHER American Institutes for Research $123,237
Lowrey, Marty Working with Relatives of Dependent Children SSW Oregon Department of Human Services $2,000
Maier, David Science & Technology Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction MCECS Oregon Health and Science University $69,998
McNeff, Elizabeth Promoting Adoption and Implementation of the Healing Pathways Program to Reduce Depressive Symptoms in Women with Disabilities SSW Oregon Health and Science University $70,818
Messer, Lynne Guide to Healing CUPA University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill $33,403
Noll, Jennifer Enhancing Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Urban Elementary Schools CLAS Teachers' Development Group $35,393
Rissi, Jill Health Engagement Model Comprehensive Evaluation Proposal CUPA Oregon Health Policy and Research $214,549
Singer, Laurel BLM OR-WA: CESU - Consensus Center Pilot Project Facilitation in Roseburg, Oregon CUPA Bureau of Land Management $293,000
Sytsma, Mark IPA - Robyn Draheim CLAS US Fish & Wildlife Service $50,915
Talke, Stefan Improving Estuarine Transport Models Using Satellite Measurements MCECS Office of Naval Research $50,000
Teuscher, Christof A Stochastic Inference Model based on Probabilistic Bit-Streams MCECS University of Michigan $34,703
Thanheiser, Eva Enhancing Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Urban Elementary Schools CLAS Teachers' Development Group $71,858
White, Diana ARDC: Annual Consumer Satisfaction Survey CUPA Oregon Department of Human Services $33,036


Student Projects

Fritz, Charlotte Graduate Research Fellowship Program: Caitlyn Demsky CLAS National Science Foundation $24,000
James, Keith Graduate Research Fellowship Program: Adam Murry CLAS National Science Foundation $2,000
Monsere, Christopher Graduate Research Fellowship Program: Andrew Bigazzi MCECS National Science Foundation $13,000
Podrabsky, Jason Graduate Research Fellowship Program: Claire Riggs CLAS National Science Foundation $22,000