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Waitlist Feature

Registration options may include a Waitlist if the feature is engaged by the department.  If the waitlist itself is full or the section has no waitlist, the section is closed.

To add yourself to a course waitlist, choose Waitlist from the Action column pull-down box located in the tool bar.

If the course is closed and a waitlist is available, the Status box will indicate how many students are already waitlisted.

Select "Waitlist" to be added to the waitlist.

Automated Waitlist Process

Students on a waitlist will not be registered automatically as spaces become available. A notification will be sent to the first person on the waitlist, via their PSU email account, letting them know they can register for the course. Students will have 24 hours from the time this email is generated to register for the reserved seat. Instructions on how to add a course from the waitlist when a seat becomes available will be contained in the notification email.

Once 24 hours has lapsed, student will automatically be DROPPED from the waitlist. If the course is still needed, the student can put themselves back on the bottom of the list. It may be beneficial to recheck the schedule using the Look Up Classes function under the Student tab to see if there is better availability on other courses needed.

If access to a student registration is restricted due to a hold on their account, it is essential that the issue be resolved by the student within the allocated 24 hour period. The Registration Office will not be able to return students to the top of the waitlist if they are dropped, since the next eligible student will have already received their permission to take the open seat.

For more information, please see the Waitlist FAQs