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How to Register for Courses

In most cases, students register online using the PSU Information System. Special registration processes, like by-arrangements or departmental approvals and restriction overrides, are handled in person at the Registration windows in the lobby of Neuberger Hall.

For online registration, any computer connected to the Internet will do. There are several technology labs and computer kiosks around campus that students may use. Some labs, like Room 96 in Neuberger Hall and the first floor lab in Millar Library, are open for general use during the hours that the buildings are open. Other labs on campus are open for general use only when classes are not scheduled in the room.

On campus, students must log in to lab machines with their PSU Odin account to access the Internet, then log in to the PSU Information System to register for courses.

Basic Online Instructions

Log In

Go to

Enter Student ID or ODIN Username and Password.

First-time users of the portal need to synchronize their Portland State computer accounts, or create an initial account, using OAM (Odin Account Manager)

Navigate to the Registration Menu

Select the "Student Services and Financial Aid" link, then select "Registration".

Update student information if appropriate, then click on "Continue to Registration Menu". Note: This step only occurs the first time each term that you log into the PSU Information System.

Choose Courses

To search for courses, select "Look-up Classes to Add". The search feature allows students to look for courses according to subject, course number, title, credit hours, part of term, instructor, attribute type, start and end times, and days of the week. Choose one parameter -- or several -- then click on the "Class Search" button.

Select courses using the check box on the left side of the search results screen, then click on either "Register " or "Add to Worksheet" at the bottom of the page. Proceed to add classes using this procedure, or use the "Add/Drop Classes" link from the main Registration Menu. If a waitlist appears after submitting a course to add, select Waitlist from the drop-down menu and resubmit the course.

When finished adding/dropping courses and/or making other changes, click on the "Please click here to complete your registration" link at the bottom of the page. Students who fail to perform this crucial step are not registered.

Students view their completed registration/class schedule by selecting "Student Schedule Detail" or "Student Schedule by Day and Time" links from the main Registration Menu.

Log Out

Exit the PSU Information System by clicking "Exit" near the top right-hand corner of the page. If using a shared computer, close the browser application to ensure privacy of personal data.